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Buttock Herpes
lydiapink posted:
In march of 2008 I noticed a pimple on my butt. It turned into a few more and looked like a cluster of pimples. I had my doctor check it and he said it was Herpes; I felt the test was surely wrong, as I had not had sex in 3 years and the pimple was on the fat part of my buttock, not my genitals. I took some medicine and it went away. In March of 2009, the pimple like blisters came back, but not as bad as the first time. I went to a new doctor and was told again that I had herpes. Again, I took some meds. and everything cleared up. This breakout was in the very same spot as the first time; on the fat part of my butt, but not on my genitals. I'm really confused about this. How could this have happened to me, I am a middle aged celibate woman, with children. I have not had sex in over 3 years and I have never, ever had anything like this before. Thanks...Lydia
kalikutie03 responded:
You can have herpes for quite some time before having an outbreak. That's what my doctor told me today. He said you can have it for months or even years before you get any symptoms.
abe648 responded:
And yes it can be any where in what we call the "boxer short area" any where a pair of boxer shorts will cover.

How did they diagnose this as herpes. Did they do any swab/culture/blood work? If it was just a visual assessment then that is not a proper assessment.

The next time you get this go with in 48 hours of noticing it and get the area swabbed/cultured and make sure the Doc "types it" so you will know if it is herpes for sure and also what type of heroes. You can have HSV 1 or HSV 2 genitally

Read the Herpes Handbook as per my signarture line.
betsyo1967 responded:
You can also get a type specific herpes igg blood test done too to know what type you have.

You know you've had genital herpes for at least 3 years but at this point you'll probably never figure out who you got it from or when. What's important is knowing that you have it so that you and any future partners can take appropriate precautions together.
lydiapink responded:
Abe, Thank you for the information. My doctor used a swab the first time this happened to me, no blood test that I can recall. He tried to get me to say that this was not the first breakout that I had ever had. He even scolded me for not telling him, as he had delivered my last child. He knew the situation with my husband and that we did not have a sexual relationship. I was angry that he spoke to me in the manner that he did, he hinted that maybe I contracted it from someone outside my marriage. I had no sexual relationship outside my marriage. Anyway, I was so very upset with his attitude. To insuniate that I would risk the health of my child by withholding this type of information during my pregnancy, made me sick...I never went back to him. He had been my doctor for 10 years.

I married in 1998 and had never had this happen before my marriage or during the marriage. I stopped having sex with my husband about 7 years into the marriage. The marriage lasted 10 years, so I don't feel I got this from my ex-husband...or could I have contracted it from him? Also, why is it on the fat part of my butt cheek? I read that the virus enters the body at the contact site and that is where it usually that correct? Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
betsyo1967 responded:
Once you are infected with genital herpes, it causes initial symptoms that you may or may not notice ( or might have misdiagnosed as something else ). It then settles into your sacral ganglia where it sets up housekeeping and lives. It reactivates from there periodically and can travel down any of the individual nerves coming off the sacral ganglia to cause obvious lesions. Your infection just recently decided to travel down a nerve that goes to that area of your buttocks and cause an obvious herpes lesion there for you to take notice to after all these years. Ob's do not always appear in the same area and don't always appear at the point of infection either. it's the way the virus naturally works.

Could you have gotten this from your ex hubby or even before it? Yes indeed. The vast majority of folks who have genital herpes aren't getting properly diagnosed in general. You just finally had lesions in an area that you took notice to that made you to and get diagnosed.

If you had a lesion culture done but don't know if it was hsv1 or hsv2+, you can call and ask if it was typed and if it wasn't, you can get the blood test done to find out the type you have. If you aren't planning on being sexually active any time soon, no rush to get it done of course.

Keep asking questions as you have them.
abe648 responded:
Like Betsy said you could have gotten it from before you were married during or after if you have been sexually active since your marriage.

I am married and my wife and I have been faithful and still are to each other and it was 10 years of marriage before I got an ob that was unusual. Could I have had one before I believe I could have. But it most likely was so mild I never noticed it. So s far as I know I had it for 10 years before being diagnosed with it. So like Betsy said you can get a blood test and if you do get a "herpes type specific IgG blood test" ask for a copy of the numeric test results and post them on here so Terri or Betsy can confirm your status for you.

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