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UTI or possible herpes?
friskywun posted:
I have had a bladder infection that I can't seem to get rid of for a few weeks now. I was on 200 mg of Macrobid for 5 days and the symptoms seemed a lot better, but 2 days after I was done w/the medication, the infection came back w/a vengeance. I went back to the doctor and he put me on 500 mg of Cipro. This is my 3rd day on them at at times I feel just fine when I urinate, but other times it still burns slightly. I have given the doctor 2 urine samples and each one came back positive for leukocytes and blood. The doctor said they cultured the first urine sample and Macrobid was an effective medication for the bacteria. Obviously not because the UTI is back. Is it possible this could be herpes and NOT a UTI? I do not have any other symptoms such as bumps, sore lymph nodes, fever, aches. I received oral sex from a new partner and also had once incident of unprotected sex. I did not see any sores on my partners penis or mouth. Is it possible that herpes can only affect the urethra and not anywhere else? Also, can oral herpes alone result in herpes of the urethra or does actual penetration have to take place in order for the urethra to be infected?
greenhouse5 responded:
HSV1 (traditionally oral herpes) and HSV2 (traditionally genital herpes) are stored in sensory nerves between outbreaks. An oral infection would be stored in a bunch of nerves near the neck and can cause outbreaks around the lips and face. A genital infection is stored in a bunch of nerves in the lower spine and outbreaks can occur anywhere in the "boxer short" region (thighs, pubic hair, genitals, butt, anus, and urethra). HSV1 and HSV2 traditionally occur in their respective locations, but because of popularity of oral sex there has been an increase in the amount of HSV1 genital cases. To be diagnosed and tested you need to see a doctor and have an IgG type specific blood test done. When you go to the doctor ask as many questions as you need and be proactive. Your symptoms are non-specific and could be any number of things. It sounds like, however, that you are a bit worried and in that case getting tested for herpes isn't a waste of time. Put your mind at ease and get tested. Worrying without taking action will only have adverse effects on your overall health. Good luck
lp130 responded:
With herpes, symptoms typically don't dissipate and then come right back. A UTI has specific symptoms that typically aren't visual - herpes symptoms typically are. Your doctor can address these questions as well - he/she obviously does not think this is herpes related. Many things can go on down yonder. Follow-up and find out what's going on.
27rosada responded:
Did you get tested for herpes yet? I am in the exact same situation as you right now. I thought I had a UTI or a yeast infection... I went on the same antibiotic, however the symptoms got even worse. I went to my gyno this morning and he said he thinks it could be herpes. I am totally blown away by this and praying to God that it is not possible. I am going back in a week to get the test results. Please let me know what happened in your case.... thank you
friskywun responded:
OMG! I have a gyno appt. next week. It's been over a month now and I still feel the after urination. Sometimes I feel stinging feeling right before the urine comes out. Please, please please let me know what you find out about your situation and I will let you know what I find out about mine! Thank you.
explorer999 responded:
I got HSV2 (genital) from my ex. When we first started dating I found valtrex and this was his story: He was diagnosed with urethracitis which he described as inflammation of the urethra that caused burning when he urinated and when having an orgasm. He promised me that he did not have herpes. I googled urethracitis and found NOTHING. The closest was urethritis which is an STI - like a UTI. He said that wasn't it...he said "No, it's Urethracitis." Ok - whatever - i believed him. NOT SMART. I questioned him again about herpes; he promised it wasn't that; he asked if i wanted to see the test results, I said NO b/c I didn't want to seem like i didn't trust him. I should have b/c after he got diagnosed he reported that he was never tested for herpes (he was tested for everything but). He said that he didn't have outbreak symptoms. From what he reported it was only the burning sensation. Go get tested! You don't want to pass it along if you have it. Ease your mind if you don't. I don't know how much of my story is true, but if it could have it. I'm sorry to bare bad news, but you should know! It's sooo important to get tested - with or without symptoms. You would hate yourself if you gave it to someone.

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