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    Diagnosed with Trichomoniasis
    Scared_alone posted:
    Today I went to my doctors to get a pap smear done and check for my Ph level in my vagina, as well as getting birthcontrol. Well as the doctor was doing the pap smear/Ph level she told me that I have Trichomoniasis after she came back into the room.

    I'm very depressed about all of this, I've never had a STD in my whole life. I feel like my life is over. I'm so scared and I honestly feel all alone. I'm highly scared of the Trichomoniasis will come back. My doctor put me on medication to treat it.

    My question is, after I take all of the medication; does that mean that the Trichomoniasis is gone and won't come back?

    I feel like I'm the lowest piece of trash there is. Actully lower than that. I feel like I'm someone's scum on the bottom of their shoe.
    Georgiagail responded:
    For heavens sake, don't be so hard on yourself. And your life certainly isn't over. Trichomoniasis certainly responds very well to treatment. Once this parasitic disease is treated, it's over (unless, of course, you happen to have unprotected intercourse again with the person who infected you with this before).

    Reelneed2no responded:
    I was also diagnosed with Trich today. I am shocked, sick to my stomach. I have been married for more than 12 years. i know my husband cheated on me, but from what I know, its been more than a year ago. My question is how long does this lay dormant? and if not long that means this is recent. I am experiencing terrible itching, odors that I cannot get rid of. I have a rash under my breast which my Doc says not to worry? are you kidding me? I dont know what to feel, I am angry, scared, emotionally a wreck, and I feel soooo dirty, so dirty beyond belief. You can lay down with someone and not protect yourself, and give it to someone else.. eeeewwww! I am so sad right now. crying is not helping me, I dont know what to do. I have a ton of meds, will this work, how long can you have this desease without knowing it, and if so, why do I show signs now, and not later? please help me, please someone.
    Scared_alone responded:
    I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that sometime women don't have symtoms. As far as feeling dirty I perfectly understand that too. I feel really dirty. I feel like my life is over. This is my very first time ever being infected with any type of STD. I try and not worry but it isn't helping either. I constantly cry because I'm very scared of it coming back.

    I can't trust any man every again. I don't know how I am ever going to get over this. a lot of people has been telling me oh don't worry it'll be alright. How in the world do they know? They don't know what I am going throu or feeling for that matter. All I know is that I'm really scared to death and I just hope and I pray that this STD doesn't come back.

    No I don't plan on having sex with someone that is infected but hell, how do you really know if they have something or not you just can't look at them and judge.

    I honestly thought that my partner that I was with but I am not anylonger, was clean. He didn't show any signs of ever having a STD. Well I was certainly wrong. He has this trichomoniasis and didn't even tell me and now I have it. I just wonder how many other women he has infected and how many women doesn't even know it? Poor women. I really feel for them as well as myself.
    Scared_alone responded:
    So you're actully in health care? I know I shouldn't be so darn hard on myself. But shoot fire, If I don't then I won't ever learn from this. Trust me this is one heck of a wake up call for me. Is this medication surpose to make you sleepy? My mom is trying to be supportive, but really she just makes me feel lower than ever.

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm taking my medication like I'm surposed to . I want this STD gone and to stay gone. I don't want it running my life like it is.
    BeckyGr responded:
    I have all the symptoms of Tich. I lost my virginity about 3 months ago with my ex boyfriend and dumb me thought that he was a virgin as well. Well turns out he wasn't. Anyway, I'm going to the Gyno on Monday and I have never been more scared/nervous in my entire life. Not to mention I'm only 18 and it's my first visit to the Gyno (great first impression, I know). I was wondering if you had any advice? What should I expect. I mean its embarrassing so I have no idea what I'm going to say to my doctor. I'm scared she will judge me, I don't know. I just have no idea what to say or expect.. ug. Any advice?
    33Maggie responded:
    I see your post was 4 months ago, I was wondering how you were doing with the trich? I was diagnosed recently and it has really turned my world upside down. I was sick for a week after being finding out. I took the meds and I think it has gone away. I go for the recheck visit in three weeks. I am so scared to have sex again, it hurt so bad and now that creates another problem for me to deal with. anyways, my doctor said this is a curable STD, that means once you take the meds and they re check to verify its gone, it will not reoccur. you would have to be re infected to get it again. what is frieghtening for me is, this is my second time. I have one partner, the same one for 16 years now. I don't know how to cope with that.
    An_252952 responded:
    I was diagnosed back in April. Took the meds in May, followed the instructions and thought everything was fine. Symptoms seemed to go away for two weeks and then after my cycle week was done, I felt the same again. I thought it wouldn't come back after treatment? I've been with anyone since this incident so I know it didn't come from someone again. I'm so scared, depressed and just simply embarrassed to be so stupid. I haven't told anyone because I know I'll be judged. I know my doctors probably not judging me but I still feel so embarass when I talk to her about it. It seems to go away ad then randomly returns and I can't understand why. I have very sensitive skin so I thought maybe a change in soaps or detergents maybe causing it. Or maybe it's all in my head. I just don't know. I really hate myself for being so dumb
    An_253229 replied to An_252952's response:
    I went in for my yearly exam last week and was very confused when the office called me a few days later telling me I had trich. Never heard of it, so when the nurse explained that it was an STD I nearly fell out of my chair! I haven't been sexually active in almost 3 years! No boyfriend, significant other, Fwb, I'm completely confused. I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back to help me figure this out. I had my son in 2010, and I've been regular with getting yearly physicals from both the GYN and my PCP. So how is this showing up now? I don't feel like I can mention this to anyone close to me at the moment because I can't make sense of it myself. I've never had an STD before. So now, if I ever do decide to start dating, this is going to haunt me.
    Sunshine872 replied to An_253229's response:
    I'm in total agreement with you about being very confused. I seen my doctor twice within the past year and was diagnosed with Bacteria Vaginosis witch he says is very common in women. I went for an exam just last week and was diagnosed with trich. Now my situation is different because I was sexually active with my now ex last November, Now why is this just now being detected or had he misdiagnosed me? Is this something that can remain dormant? I didn't have any of the symptons that I read for trich. I just don't know if I should blame the ex or blame the new boyfriend of being unfaithful.

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