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Odds of Contracting STD
Curious20101 posted:
I had 2 encounters with 1 person. Once in December and once in the first week of January. We did not have sex. He tried to put it in but I said no each time. So there was unprotected contact, but he did not enter me or cum in me. What are my odds of contacting and STD? I already went to my doctor to get tested and I'm waiting on the results. Thanks for the feedback and help becuase I am freaking out!
Georgiagail responded:
If no actual sexual contact took place, there is no risk of picking up an STD. If there was contact but this was limited to a very brief touching of his penis on your vaginal area, the risk is extremely small (assuming your partner was actually infected with an STD). Gail
ellenshaw8 responded:
Same thing happened to me! When you went to the doctor what did you tell them/ what did you get tested for? My appointment isn't for a while and I know I shouldn't be worried but the time thing makes me nervous. Please let me know! And good luck with your results I'm sure we're both totally fine!
Curious20101 responded:
Well I told my Dr. exactly what happened. I got tested for every STD including HPV, HIV, and Hepatitis. So they did a vaginal swab and withdrew my blood. When I first called in for my tests results yesterday they said one was completed and one was not and to call back on Tuesday. So now I was freaking out and decided to keep calling through out the day to see if anything changed. Finally my Dr. called me last night informing me that all my results came back normal from the swab. But my blood work was showing I had Herpes 1 (HSV-1) which is cold sores on my mouth (NOT genital Herpes or HSV-2). I already knew that I get cold sores on my mouth that I use Abreva for when I have an outbreak so not that big of a deal. That is also why when I called in for my test results they couldn't tell me. if something shows up other than normal your Dr has to tell you what it is. So I am so thankful, grateful, and happy to share that all results came back STD free!!!!! :grin:
Georgiagail responded:
Glad that the news turned out so well! Gail
Curious20101 responded:
Thanks Gail, so am I!

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