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    All over body itching
    hopeful197212 posted:
    Does anyone else have all over body itching associated with an outbreak?
    sdny318 responded:
    YES!!! i was diagnosed less than a month ago with HSV2. my first outbreak was HELL.. the pain was unbearable and the outbreak lasted more than a week. i went to the dr. and was diagnosed positive. she put me on acyclovir and i finished my ten days of these pills. ever since my outbreak ended i have had badddd itching. it started with rectal itching (HORRIBLE) at night (it is still so bad that i was up about 20 times a night).. i have tried everything from baths to hemmoroid creams to putting tissue there overnight to keep the area dry.. nothing is working. now the itch is all over my body.. i am scratching my legs, my arms, my back.. and im going nuts!!! DO NOT FEEL ALONE.. i felt that way until i found these posts.. do not think the herpes has nothing to do with it, because IT MUST. i am going to take a benadryl tonight and maybe try a baking soda bath.. i thought the herpes alone was bad enough to deal with, and now this??? how horrible can this get?
    sdny318 responded:
    ya kno, i was just thinking.. i have been taking l-lysine (about 1000mg a day) since i was diagnosed.. and maybe some others of you are taking this also .. could this be causing itching?? hmmm i just want it to stop
    waffle66 responded:
    wouldnt the fact that so many people are experiencing the same itching problem and all have hsv make you reconsider what you know about herpes? I never had this problem before my first outbreak and now its been over 2 months of itching EVERYDAY. I havent changed my diet, or any detergents i use to cause such a reaction..
    lovelydove responded:
    When I was first diagnosed I ws prescribed aclyovir, I think that's what it's called. That really made me itch all over my body so I was taken off of that and started valtrex, much better I know longer take valtrex but I still feel itchy around my mouth and tingling in the genital area and was told that it's my nerve endings. I've tried l-lysine, 2000 or 3000 daily. 1000mg of l-lysine didn't do it for me. I've been having tingling sensation in my genital area and find that the l-lysine helps the tingling to stop.

    Ask your doctor to prescribe you another type of meds. You may be allergic to the one that has ben prescribed.

    I hope something works for you. I certainly understand how you feel.
    wedthaigirl replied to sdny318's response:
    You are definitely not alone who itch all over the body. I work in an STD medical clinic and there is one bathroom for the patients nearby and one bathroom for the employees. I, unfortunately, decided to use the one for the patients because I didn't want to walk to the bathroom for the employees which is further away one time. Bad mistake. I know I've read conflicting reports that Herpes can be caught from a toilet seat and some that say you can contract it from surfaces (so direct skin to skin contact is not necessary). Anyhow, I noticed that after I used the toilet in the patient's bathroom, I had itch/pain in my genital area (on the left side of the vagina) in the crease of my thigh. Anyhow, I saw that there were blisters. When I went to the OBGYN he said they had popped so he couldn't test whether it was herpetic. Anyhow, I'm awaiting a blood test result and I need to call on Monday. Now I have all over body itching associated with tiny pimples (pimples appear where there is itching). I do think it has to do with herpes, however, there are some people who say it doesn't. So, again, you are not alone. I read that washing with melaleuca/tea-tree oil shower gel helps as well as melaleuca/tea-tree cream applied topically helps too. I did use it yesterday and it helped somewhat. It seems like it's spreading all over externally (as a result of external, not internal factors, if that makes any sense). So, I have the genital as well as all over body itching. So, with the doctors stating that all over body itching is asymptomatic of can they completely and totally rule out that all over body itching is not a symptom of HSV?
    lp130 replied to wedthaigirl's response:
    This is utterly ridiculous. A person WILL NOT get ANY STD from using a toilet. I hope Betsy or Terri chime in here as well - this is exactly the misinformation and stigma that exists that shouldn't.

    Also, no STD will cause all over body itching. See your dermatologist.
    wedthaigirl replied to lp130's response:
    So, even though I didn't kiss anyone who had herpes (just my husband for the last 10 years and vice versa) or had any sexual contact with anyone who had herpes AND just happened to use a bathroom that STD patients have used and coincidentally had gotten HSV 2, there's no possibility I had gotten it through a surface? There's a lot we don't know about medical science - even though we think we do. So, if you only get HSV 1 and HSV 2 through direct skin to skin contact, there's no possibility of it living on a surface even temporarily? Hmmm....
    girlonmessageboard responded:
    Comment on the itching. Hi, I am a healthy, intelligent fit single female, 38 just got herpes simplex one (I think). Two months ago I kissed a guy who had herpes (he had told me) and then I got a cold sore and thought my world was coming to an end and then the cold sore went away. All I got was a small cold sore on the inside of my mouth, but ever since then I have awoken with a little bit of pus on the inside of my eyes, and I am sweating an unusually lot at nights and my mouth waters a lot. This has been going on for two months, even after the cold sore went away. But I have never had any of this before.

    Then three days ago I got a hot itchy buzzing feeling on my finger, which felt exactly like my lip had felt before I had gotten that first cold sore. I remembered what it was like this time. I was sure it was a cold sore so I put ice on it for 1/2 hour then covered it gently with a bandaid. But it continued to burn and itch for three days. I was sure I was getting a cold sore there. I was so nervous about it. I was careful not to do anything with the finger. I cooked without it, opened doors without it, etc. But I was very upset.

    The next night as I was trying to go to sleep, and not think too much about the finger, I got the wierdest "bite" like feeling in one place on the tip of my big toe. It was like someone touched it with a hot needle. I thought, "is this now herpes spreading to my toe?" In about an hour that night I got that hot bite needle tingle about five times on that toe.

    Then the next day, the needle feeling was on my pinky, on the bottoms of about three other toes and then, that night, by the time I went to bed, the balls of both feet felt like they were on fire. They itched and burned and hurt. They have continued to do this for the past three days. But no blister. But now, the burning is on my forearms, my calves, above my knees and all across my neck and chest. I have not broken out with a blister anywhere but now on my lip, but when I woke up I looked at the side of my neck and there was a big splotchy rash. I have a myserious sore above my knee on my thigh.

    My question is this: I have the burning too. What the heck *is* this? All these people got their *first* outbreak, and within two months had all-over-body itching and tingling and/or rashes. I do not care if a doctor says this is not associated with herpes. I have never had the like of it in my life. It must be associated with the herpes. There is so much we don't know about this disease. So many people have not weighed in on it either.

    I would like to take a survey: in my particular case, I was *freaking out* about the herpes. I mean, freaking out. Were all those of you who had the rash, were you under extreme anxiety about the herpes too? If so, these rashes could be anxiety attacks. (Never had one, but this is the most scary news I have ever received.) Or, does freaking make the herpes worse since it does seem to break out under stress?

    I would like to know what is causing the itching and see how many people have this symptom associated with a herpes outbreak.

    Good luck to all of you. I hope we can find a cure.
    bigtoppoer replied to girlonmessageboard's response:
    I have basically the same symptons... It's very hard to understand why doctors don't believe what you tell them. I'm afraid to shake anyone's hands, touch anyone, etc.. this is crazy. I wrestled around on the floor w/ my nephew a few months ago and now he's itching all over... I FEEL HORRIBLE!!!! There's got to be something to this... PLEASE HELP!!!
    MADDAN07 replied to girlonmessageboard's response:
    About two years ago, my boyfriend, whom I had dated for two years @ the time, monogomosly, left work freaked out that he had contracted hsp-2. We went through all the usual "you must've cheated, no- you did..." Finally through testing and information we found out we both had it. Through process of elimination we came to the conclusion that it was probly me that contracted it first. Oddly enough I never had any breakouts, but he has had 3 now in the past 2 years. Coincidently, since that time I have had every single day- multiple times a day, breakouts of uncontrolable all over itching. I usualy take benadryl, but by the time it kicks in it's usualy over. It does seem to keep it from happening agian for the day, or at least til later that night. I have tried and thought of everything. I never had any issues w/ my skin whatsoever bf though. I can only wonder if it is hives or the stress, bc the itching is definately related to stress. It is usualy on the nape of my neck, shoulders,forearms, back, buttocks, and legs. It happens in patches and looks like little bumps, but if you pull the skin tight it looks almost like blisters, like if I scratch the skin while it's pulled, water would come out. It itches to the point where I feel like I'm going crazy- I actualy have spots on my body where it's began to bleed, but I keep scratching them back open bf it heals all the way. The whole thing lasts like 15 mins if I can stop myself from scratching. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with it, but it's very ironic that nothing happened to my skin ever- and every since it has been nonstop. Any help other than telling me I'm crazy would be greatly appreciated. To anyone w/ simular problems- you're not alone!
    MB1987 replied to MADDAN07's response:
    I have yet to see a doctor, I have an appointment tomorrow though I am almost sure I have contracted herpes. Experiencing extreme and uncontrollable body itching, mainly limited to the lower extremeties. As we speak I have only gotten about two hours of sleep after a twelve hour shift because I'm literally scratching myself raw in bed. It's so much worse when I lay down... never had anything like this before.

    It all started exactly three weeks ago, after a casual sexual encounter. A few days after I noticied redness and irritation in the groin area, thinking it was from the beach I mostly ignored it. Two weeks ago I began feeling sick, tenderness in the groin area, and a cluster of blisters had formed on the head of my penis. It seemed to get better in the following days, the blisters seemed to be healing... but starting about a week ago a new crop of blisters has formed, a few have sprung up in the surrounding area including my thighs and buttocks. And this is when the itching began... it usually happens a good two to three times a day, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours in the case right now. Topical applications help temporarily but after about ten minutes I'm right back to itching again...

    Hopefully the doctor can help me out tomorrow. I have never in my life lost sleep to itching like this, it's so unbearable it's stressing me out and if I am truly infected than that's the last thing I need.. on top of working 60 hours a week. With so many people experiencing this in conjunction with herpes symptoms I can't understand how it could be dismissed so easily.. being a virus that shacks up in the nervous system it almost makes sense. But like all the others said whoever has the itching you are not alone, know that others are experiencing this and hopefully we can find a solution!
    MB1987 replied to MB1987's response:
    Just wanted to post a followup to my post above... went to the doc, was diagnosed positive with GH but yet to know if it's type 1 or 2. Was also really shocked to have the doctor tell me that the itching on my body was being caused by scabies... a microscopic member of the tick family. No earthly idea how I got this, but some Perethrin cream is helping to clear it up. Also got Rx'd some Hydroyzine for the itching and it helps quite a bit. Also on Valtrex and it seems to have stopped the OB in it's tracks... hope this info is helpful to someone! Don't be afraid to share your stories!
    EJonny22 replied to MB1987's response:
    Hi, I also have this severe itching allover my body, most time I see pimple-like boils and when I press them some pores come out and it comes with severe pain too. I am married and me and my wife have this problem. It started with me first and then to my wife, probably she would have got that from me. What do you suggest I do or what could this also be, herps? Thanks Jonny
    Geemex replied to Terri_Warren_RN_ANP's response:
    Hi i have a problem and need advice, I have been itching for about two months now, the girl I met has been itching also we have been having sexual intercourse and for about a month haven't used any condoms. Now I don't want to jump to conclusions thinking I have herpees or any STD but I'm starting to wonder the worst case senerio. My itching at first was mainly my thigh area but over the past month it's been my lower butt/back leg, and now arms and lower stomache. Here's the part that freaks me out, now I have this rash going along my waist and a little going up my stomache, my hand/fingers have tiny white.... I want to say scabs or pores, not sure. I'm getting bumps along my left arm I feel whatever I scratch it leaves bumps after a while of scratching the area. I am currently waiting to see a doctor but not having med-insurance is keeping the hold up. Please feel free to respond to me through my email. thank u for your time.
    An_245302 responded:
    yes i do my face itches terrible i have been dealing with this outbreak for a month now and am on a medication

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