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watery foul smelling discharge?
chocolitkisses posted:
hello im new to the board and would like to get some information on what you guys think i may have contracted... i had sex with my boyfriend on the 26th of august, and this issue im having has been such a big problem for me and started about 4-6 days ago.. well like all women we do discharge every now and then. .but experiancing this excessive watery discharge has been bothering me and its too nasty and uncomfortable it is very bad that i sometimes have to change my pants and undies.. it sometimes has a foul smell to it.. and at times it smells like my normal discharges.. and when it smells stinky it has this rotten smell that is very imbarassing.. i had never dealt with anything like this and hopefully whoever reads my topic would shed some light on the way sometimes the watery discharges can be whitish with a tint of grey or soo i think its grey.. no bubbly frothy looking discharging.. trust me i already did alot of research and it has pointed to something called trichomoniasis and all other symptoms that relate to some extent of an STD...but the difference with my watery discharges are that majority of the times its just clear.. but very watery and and over flow through my undies and pants like i said somedays it smells rotten some days it smells normal.. but the over flow of it has taken too much stress on me to worry so much.. i know you may end up telling me to go see a doc.. don't worry i will be taking care of that.. but for now i would appreciate some thought of what it may be.. :frown: i had given birth to a baby recently in under 1 year i do not like to mention how old my child is cause i do not feel safe with personal information beyond my identity..just thought i'd mention this to see if having had a baby recently would have anything to do with this issue? could i be pregnant again? the last time my boyfriend and i had sex he said he might have got a little cum inside me.. but we werent too sure.

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