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Oral Sex Risks
An_208513 posted:
Hi Terri,

I'm a young male who is sexually active but am also a bit of a hypochondriac. I've always been a bit unclear as to the risks of a man giving a woman oral sex as far as STDs are concerned. I know there are such things as dental dams but to be honest I've never come across one or known anyone that has used one. Could you clarify the risks, and perhaps balance them against what is normal bedroom etiquette in our society? Thanks!
leahquestions responded:
Find out first if your partner has hsv2.. Oral contact can give you an array of any std...Personally I would never have sex if the male wanted to use a dental dam.
Terri Warren, RN, ANP responded:
There are low risks of acquiring STDs through oral sex, yes. The main ones I worry about are hepatitis B and A. Based on your age, I would say that you've probably been vaccinated for B, and maybe A, you should check. Herpes less likely. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to get partners tested, if possible. The dental dam is like a big piece of thicker plastic wrap, but regular plastic wrap is also a decent barrier in a pinch. I know, it all sounds pretty odd, but it is safer.

I'm not clear that there is an ettiquette for oral sex! Others, what are your thoughts?

silivespr replied to Terri Warren, RN, ANP's response:
Hello, I didnt know how to contact Terri directly, but I have several questions. I have recently been diagnosed with HSV2, I have been in a loving committed relationship with a woman for a year and I had never had an outbreak until a year into being with her. Before dating her, I dated men, im sure that if I got this from anyone it was from a man. I have not told her that I have herpes, I told her I have hpv as a way to keep us protected. I guess I just feel like HPV sounds less shameful. We do not have skin to skin contact, when we have sex one of us has our clothes on, and that has been just as satisfying (we are both women) I am just concerned that I can still give it to her... Can she get hsv2 on her fingers? Can she get hsv2 through oral sex? Can she get HSV2 on her face? I have only had one outbreak ever and that was in January, and we have had sex twice since then, oral once, and I only allowed it when I knew I was not symptomatic. If I give her oral, can I spread hsv2 to her? I am so afraid, and dealing with this on my own. My doctor simply prescribed me medicine and never explained anything to me. I was diagnosed with a swab, is it still helpful for me to get an IGG? I know this is alot, I am just concerned.
Lkmea replied to Terri Warren, RN, ANP's response:

I just had my bb last jan.. after 6 weeks i had my papsmear and it came out abnormal then the doctor conducted a colposcopy, found and remove a flat warts at the tip of my cervix.. I was very mad at my husband because I never had an abnormal papsmear before and i was tested before for hpv and never had hpv.

I am freaking out and im reading so much information about it.. One thing worries me is that after giving birth i was not allowed to have sex and my husband want me to do oral sex on him.. Now i felt like my throat is itchy and felt like there is a little bump on my palate and near my tonsil. I dont know if im just a paranoid but this things really worries me. My question is what if i do have this in my throat? What will happen to me? Would this impair my airway? What doctor should i go to have it check? Please help any information would be a great help.. Thanks a lot..

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