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Herpes/Never had an out break
An_208526 posted:
I found out I had herpes when I was 17. I had went in for and STD check becasue i had found out my ex boyfriend had cheated on me. I was told i have herpes, with a twist. The virus had been in my body so long that it had already built up antibodies over a period of years. Well I had just became sexually active except theis one time when I was 9 and raped.
To this day I have NEVER had an outbreak, Could the test be wrong?? I have had cold sores but nothing like what was described to me. I have went in to my dr everytime I thought I may have one and it was just razor burn!!!
lookingup41 responded:
Were you diagnosed with HSV1 or HSV2. The HSV1 results would be positive if you get cold sores. Cold sores are not STDs and the virus is likely contracted during childhood. What were your IgG test results?
fable20 replied to lookingup41's response:
ok sorry it took so long to reply back i had to re get the results from my dr but the test results were 1.57 for the HSV1 and 4.35 for HSV2 thats what he said. I asked him to re test me becasue i have never had an outbreak and only use the valtrex when i get cold sores not daily, i was told cold sores are a good way to break out down there
betsyo1967 replied to fable20's response:
when you have a cold sore, it's not going to cause you to have a genital recurrence of hsv2 at the same time. they are separate infections and reoccur independently of the other.

your hsv2 igg is in the range that typically is not a false positive. if you want, you can get a herpes WB blood test to confirm it but odds are it is accurate. You should be talking about your oral and genital herpes with partners and discussing together what precautions to take based on their own herpes status.

the herpes handbook at is a terrific and free resource to learn more at.
fable20 replied to betsyo1967's response:
Well I am married and he knows and they did do a blood test, im not sure what this igg is??
lookingup41 replied to fable20's response:
IgG is just the type of test it appears the lab used based on your numerical results. It can tell you whether someone has HSV1 or 2. IgG is much more accurate that IgM, which is not recommended. The gold standard is the western blot if you feel you need confirmatory testing. It also is a blood test, but is only performed in one place (Washington) and can be costly.
lrod1128 replied to lookingup41's response:
I just found out that I have HSV2 with a 3.34 percent. I have never had any outbreaks or symptoms. I was wondering you said you are married. I don't mean to pry but i wanted to know does you husband have it as well? I ask this because I am currently in a relationship and do not want to possibly transmit this to my partner.
fable20 replied to lrod1128's response:
No he does not, he got tested every 6 months after we started having sex, and every year after our 2nd anniversary, Just be careful, like I said I have never had an outbreak, and I talked to my dr and he said some people never do some people get them all the time. And that If i ever did have an outbreak not to have intercourse while I did. We will be married 4 years in March and both living normal healthy lives, aswell as my 2 year old daughter, I even had her naturally. So its not a bad thing, the dr thinks since I got it when I was 9 that my body is use to the virus. But he cannot be sure cause there is no test for that. You can continue to live your life just be careful. No sex if you have an outbreak.

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