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Herpes and feeling sick
Heatherb22 posted:
Hello I am a female who was diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 a few months ago I tend to get the breakouts around the outside of my vagina and along the sides of my labia I am currently having an outbreak and feel like I have a cold is this common with herpes, it seems like I feel this way everytime I have an outbreak
Lizzle responded:
I was diagnosed in Dec 2008 and my first outbreak was awful like that. I felt like I had the flu, ran a fever, was nauseous, etc. I've only had one more outbreak since my diagnosis and I did feel run down and ran a very low fever but it was nothing like the first outbreak. My boyfriend is also positive and has been for about 5 years. He is like me and only has an outbreak every 6-8 months but he gets run down with them too. He said he never got sick with his first outbreak but I think its pretty common.
elynnc responded:
My first outbreak I was really sick! I had a high fever for days, the chills, you name it that was 3 yrs ago. The outbreaks that I have had since I am not as sick but I do notice that I will get a slight yeast infection, headache and a little nauseous. Sucks...
ashnicole6 responded:
I was just diagnosed and am relieved to here other people have experienced what I am now. I thought at first that I had a really bad cold, didn't realize until I started to feel pain and had trouble urinating that it could be herpes. I am trying to get through it, it's been tough!
getoveritgirl replied to ashnicole6's response:
I am waiting for my test results but from a visual exam my doc feels it is definately Herpes2. I told my fiance that I might have this and he was completely understanding. Both he and I have never had even a cold sore but my doc said that herpes can lie dormant for years and then suddenly appear. Neither of us has ever been tested and that was a big mistake. If I had it to do over again I would have never had sex with anyone until I saw their blood test.

I'm trying to move forward but its so difficult to know that I will have this forever.

I know that this will affect our sex life and we plan to be very careful. He is getting tested too. If he too is positive does that mean that we no longer have to wear condoms?

abe648 replied to getoveritgirl's response:
If both of you have the same type of herpes Ie HSV 1 or HSV 2 genitally then no need to wear a condom. But you need to know for sure what each of you has.

The reason you need to know is that if you have HSV 1 genitally then you can still get HSV 2 genitally. Lets say you have HSV 1 genitally andyour partner has HSV 2 genitally then shince you have only HSV 1 genitally you can still get HSV 2 genitually so it is really important to know which type each of you has.

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