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    Just found out I have HPV
    An_208671 posted:
    I've been married for 7 years and have 2 children. My last pap in 2009 was negative but I just got another 2 weeks ago and now I test positive for HPV. All they told me was that they just need to keep an eye on it next time I get a pap in one year. I'm terrified and am having major anxiety attacks and can't get a hold of myself. Do you always have to catch this sexually because I haven't had sex since my last kid which was almost a year ago. Could this have been in my system all along and now my past is catching up with me or something? I get cold sores on my mouth quite a bit so not sure if that's related or not. Any input would be great. thanks
    betsyo1967 responded:
    unfortunately it sounds like your provider didn't take the time to do much teaching

    was your pap abnormal and hpv or just hpv with a normal pap? did they say if you have high risk hpv or low risk hpv?

    there are over 130 different types of hpv. of those, about 30 infect the genital area. Of those, some are associated with external genital warts and others are associated with cervical infections. Of the types that are associated with cervical infections, some of them are considered low risk and others high risk. most low risk hpv infections will clear themselves on their own. The high risk hpv infections also typically go away on their own too but they have a higher risk of sticking around and over years and years can cause cervical cell changes and if left untreated, progress to cervical cancer. typically when we get pap tests, unless they are abnormal, we are not tested for hpv along with them.

    yes, hpv is a sexually transmitted infection.

    you have no reason to suspect your husband of cheating on you either just because you have tested for hpv now if that was a concern.

    cold sores are oral herpes. typically it's hsv1. is a terrific website with more info on hsv1 oral infections. since you have children in the house, you should be educated on oral herpes so you can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to them. also if your husband doesn't have hsv1 orally himself, you can potentially transmit your hsv1 oral infection to his genital area through oral sex.
    An_208672 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    I was just told that I have high risk HPV, but a normal pap. This is the first time that I have ever had an HPV test & I have never had an abnormal pap. I'm so worried. I have been in a monogamous relationship for over 10 years. Could I have had the HPV virus in my system for over 10 years? If so, I'm concerned about the problems that could be caused from having it in my system for so long. I'm going back to see my dr. to have her check my cervix with a microscope & do a biospy. I'm mortified about having cervical cancer. I don't understand how this has just shown up & that I never have had an abnormal pap before. I'm wondering what I could have done to prevent it. I'm feeling terrible about myself right now, but I don't feel like I should because I have been completely monogamous with my partner & I'm confident that he has been too. I'm just worried & confused.
    Any advice?
    Sunshine_1979 responded:
    I just read your post & I'm in a really similar situation. So I totally understand how you are feeling. I'm terrified as well. I was just told today that I have high risk HPV. I have been in a monogamous relationship for over 10 years & I have been completely faithful the entire time & I'm confident that my husband has been as well. I'm just mortified about cervical cancer. I will be going back to my dr. to have her check my cervix with a microscope & to do a biospy. I'm just so confused about this. I have never had an abnormal pap. This last pap even came back normal, but this is the first time that I had the HPV test & it came back positive. I'm very scared. Why didn't something like that show up on a pap in the past? I'm also worried that this has been in my system for over 10 years & I never knew about it. I'm afraid of what problems that could lead to if I have had it for so long without it clearing up. Have you learned anything new or seen your dr. again? Any advice that you have would be appreciated! Thanks!
    gigi_73077 replied to An_208672's response:
    My test also came back positive about a month ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I am, the most fit and healthy that I have been in my life and I have HPV. The most baffling thing to me was that I have been in a monogamous relationship for the past 6 yrs. How could this happen? My partner was not a cheater. Initially I was very mad at him.

    My PAP was normal and I have never had an abnormal PAP. I was upset because my doctor was like "well this is the first time we tested you for HPV". Really? Shouldn't they test you for HPV every time you get a PAP?! Basically, the answer I got is that HPV is very common and that it should go away on its own. That is not very comforting. I am still trying to cope with this.

    At least you are married and have the support of your husband. I just began dating again and I don't even know what to do/say to this person that I am dating. I feel like a walking "cheat" for not saying anything. I am probably in denial because I feel fine. I've never had any warts. I think I have another strain of HPV..not the genital warts one. Tell me if I am mis-informed. Does having HPV automatically mean you will get genital warts?? I do freak out over what is going down in my genital area. I am obsessed about making sure everything down there looks normal. I have probably been to the doctor 5 times this month. Everything looks fine and dandy...except i have HPV.

    Also, canker sores are not the same as cold sores (HSV). Canker sores are not contagious.
    Elisabeth1234 replied to gigi_73077's response:
    I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would be embarrassed about cervical cancer, especially when (unless I'm reading your posts wrong) neither of you has it! Everyone calm down. HPV really is very common. To the original poster - you're right, you have absolutely no reason to feel terrible about yourself. Take a deep breath and start writing down your questions for your follow up visit. It'll seem a lot less scary when you get answers from your gyn. gigi - You need to find out what kind of HPV you have for sure. Is it high risk? Do you currently have genital warts? Not all strains cause them. What your doctor said is true. HPV is very common and most people's immune system fights it off in time.
    Blackink25 replied to gigi_73077's response:
    I just received the same news yesterday. I am completely healthy. I didn't suspect a thing but something in my pap made them add on the HPV test and I got a lovely letter in the mail from my doctor saying I have HPV and that I am now at a higher risk of getting cervical cancer. I knew NOTHING of HPV before hand except for the shots gardisil, but I have heard so many bad situations with that shot, and my doctor said I could still have the shot to help prevent other types of HPV. I have no clue what kind I have, and all of this info was in a short letter from my doctor. No one called... no one told me anything about this, they left it up to me to google it. I am recently single ... just came out of a relationship in which I have a 22 month old now, and I dont think my doctors have EVER tested me for HPV before... I dont know how long ive had this... or how long I will have it...or ... if I will get cancer.. but now I am scared of this thing inside of me, to which I know nothing about. Except that I can give it to other people, and that makes me want to be single forever.
    betsyo1967 replied to Blackink25's response:
    odds are you weren't ever tested for hpv before. unless you have an abnormal pap, it's not something that is routinely tested for.

    Give your provider a call today and ask your questions. find out if your pap was normal. find out if you have high risk or low risk hpv. the link in this post I posted earlier to info on hpv is good reading if you haven't read it already.

    the vast majority of hpv infections never progress into cancer. keeping an eye on things with routine paps is usually all most women need as long as their paps are normal.
    betsyo1967 replied to An_208672's response:
    did you have your colposcopy done yet?

    you had a normal pap. that's a really good sign. it means that the hpv hasn't started causing any changes in your cervical cells.

    could you have had hpv for over 10 years? yes you could've. the high risk types of it usually infect you for many, many years before they start causing any cervical cell changes to be picked up on with the pap test.
    gigi_73077 replied to Elisabeth1234's response:
    Yes, I did find out that I don't have the strain that causes Genital Warts. I talked to another doctor and he gave me plenty of information on exactly what HPV is, how it affects me, what I can do etc. It was very helpful and I am no longer paranoid about the possibility of getting cancer. I am healthy and I know my immune system is going to fight it off. In the meantime I am practicing safe sex by using condoms.
    gigi_73077 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    True. My doctor also said that if you do get an abnormal PAP it could take up to 12 years if ever for it to form into cancer.
    An_208673 responded:
    I can understand your frustration in 06 I went in for annual exam and a week later found out I was prengant with my first child. Got the call about abnormal pap went in for colposcopy did not do biopsy cuz of pregnancy. had pap done every 6 mo til 2 showed normal had 2nd child just went in for annual sure enough flagged HPV again went in for colp. dr told me STD could be recent or been there for a while no way of knowing anyways during colp i was told 1 area showed so they biopsied it it pinched a little when the procedure was over was relieved and worried relieved that more testing was being done worried because of family history with cancers. Just remember unless the you it is cancer don't stress over it. you got it by your partner and cannot give by kissing your kids HOpe this helped
    face1996 responded:
    I just found out I have hpv. Been married for 14 yrs and am going thru menopause also. My last pap was 2009 and this time I was told the news.. I am so stressed from this. Have been faithful to my husband and he is concerned to. How did this happen. My doctor says I only need to check next pap 2011 and have hpv test done.
    I am in the same situation as you....cried my eyes till I fell asleep. Afraid if I have sex with my husband, I will pass to him. I have a call to my doctor today and hopefully after this shock is worn off I can concentrate on this.
    I am 54 yrs old, did I have this all along????
    Can anyone give me some clarification on this entire mess..... help!!
    face1996 replied to Elisabeth1234's response:
    Just found out I have hpv. Still in shock and waiting for my doctor to call me so I can understand everythng. I've been happily married for 14 yrs and going thru menopause too. Last yr my pap was fine, I dont know how I got this and this website is a god send for me right now. I am so upset and so is my husband. After reading your blog about this I have alot of questions I want answered by my doctor. She didnt say anything about genital warts, just to get checked next pap and have hpv testing.. didnt get much sleep last night.
    babys22 replied to face1996's response:
    Hi there,

    I have had hpv for 4 years now, it is a high risk hpv, I just wanted to make you feel a little more at ease. I have a pap done every 6 months due to the fact my pap always come back abnormal, I have a colposcopy done once a year. In the 4 years i have not had 1 normal pap and we keep a close eye on it. The doc says not to worry about it. also you could have had hpv for a long time and never have known it, there are no way to test men if they have hpv or not. But try not stress just go in for your regular paps every year and as long as there normal your at a very low risk or getting cervical cancer.

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