Apple cider vinegar and Gen Warts
ugh1234 posted:
Has anyone tried Apple cider vinegar on their warts and if so has it worked at all. I'm using Aldara but its been 7 weeks and more just keep popping up. I'm at my wits end and just want them visibly gone so i can feel better about it. I am not sexually active and i quit smoking. Also are their foods i should avoid?
SJP123 responded:
I have tried apple cider vinegar with one stubborn (had since this feb) wart that wouldnt go away with aldara. So i tried the vinegar for about 3-4 days and it just got very red, agitated, and swollen. That's it. So then I went back to Aldara again and strangely enough it was gone in about 4 days. I think the agitation made the aldara work quicker. Weird I know. But i'm trying that method from now on.

As with the popping up, were you recently diagnosed with GW? After my first treatment, i had a huge outbreak (8 or 9 of them) then it subsided after a couple of months. Your body just has to get used to it.

Hope I helped a bit!
ugh1234 responded:
Thanks Yeah maybe i can try that. Sadly I just realized there is a colony of them in my anus. Not sure how this happened ive never had anal sex before or even anything near that area really so im concerned. Maybe they migrate i don't know but the majority are their its so weird, not sure how to treat them. Guess ill call the doc
winnebag0 responded:
i'm not sure if you are a male or female, but lady stuff is definitely more sensitive than man stuff. acv can be very harsh. regarding warts around your anal area-- it can happen very easily. wiping, clothes rubbing or other agitation can cause the warts to spread. it is a good idea to see the doctor. best of luck!