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Recently Diagnosed Cervical HSV2 and HPV
miafresh posted:
I dont know where to begin. Lets try with this one question. I WAS in a relationship recently, I ended it about mid May when I officially found out about my diagnosis. I have known him for 2 years but decided to become official partners in Dec. 09, and started having sex (with condoms every time) in Feb. 10. During our this time, I was visiting the gyno, because I had this whitish/yellowish discharge, enough to have to wear a pantyliner every day (so annoying). At first, he treated me for an everted cervix with silver nitrate, which was done on two different visits, and the last time, he decided to check for STI. Well, the PCR came back positive for HPV High Risk and Herpes Genital (I am still in denial about this) and the IGG Type Specific AB Blood test came back 2.2 for HSV2 (which could be a false positive - and I so want it to be but not with the PCR test - right?). Well, I broke up with my guy and DID NOT tell him the real reason why. My question, out of many, should I tell him? Should I tell him to get tested? At this point, I have decided to be a reborn again virgin (and that can happen when you find out you have an STI that is not curable). Another thing, any information on cervical HSV2? Apparently thats where the problem is. Thanks.
betsyo1967 responded:
if you had a pcr swab done on your cervix and it came back as hsv2 , then no reason for more testing to confirm your low positive hsv2 igg. the pcr swab that was was confirmation of it.

Should you talk to your ex bf about this? to me, yes you should. If you left things very vague about why you broke up, he deserves a better explanation plus he should also cover his bases and get a type specific herpes igg blood test 3 months after the last time he had sex with you to see what his status is.

You have genital herpes. It's not just on your cervix. All the information in the herpes handbook on genital herpes is the info you need to know.

are you treating your hsv2 at all to see if it helps with your other issues?
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
miafresh replied to betsyo1967's response:
thanks for reply.
I just still refuse to believe thats the truth, but apparently the PCR is accurate. Well, things were not that great between us either way, it was already on a rocky ending, so I just decided to call it off. I havent had an outbreak that I have visibly seen, the only thing is the discharge situation, and apparently that could be a symptom of herpes on the cervix. So, if I have only gotten the symptoms on my cervix, I wont be able to tell when I have an outbreak, since the cervix is not external. I still think there needs to be more information out there on herpes on the cervix.
I am not treating the HSV2 since I will not be engaging in any sexual behaviors. The last time I went, the doc performed a cryo on my cervix, and that hasnt changed the discharge at all.
Your last comment, is true enough, but in a real world, the NORMAL talk doesnt always happen when it should, and according to the information, that only holds valid when the person knows they have an STI - that, and you are taking their word that they dont (which could be a lie).
To clarify, I did have a talk, and I am condom queen down, and apparently somewhere in there, this happened, so it doesnt really matter whether you talk, it needs to be about getting TESTED before you do the act.
betsyo1967 replied to miafresh's response:
you can go on daily suppressive therapy to reduce recurrences and protect a partner. As I said, having lesions on the cervix isn't any different from having a lesion on the external genitals that you can easily see. All the rules are the same.

condoms only reduce transmission of herpes by 30%.

just call and make sure that indeed you did have a positive pcr for herpes and it wasn't a different test that was positive. just so there's no confusion.

if your discharge was directly related to your herpes, taking suppressive therapy would stop it within a week or so.
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
ashangel0419 responded:
hi, your story sounds alot like mine.... i have been waiting for someone else to get on this chat room that has both genital herpes and high risk HPV. well my situation started in aug 09. i started having vaginal pressure, itching, discharge and burning like fire. the dr actually thought it might have been cancer cause my cervix looked so bad. but it was the herpes...than in jan 10 my PAP came back abnormal and tested positive for the hpv. i have been on 1gram of valtrex daily and had the LEEP procedure done in feb... cause of the abnormal cells from the hpv. by the way i have been dating the same man for almost 2 yrs now....i have not cheated and neither has my dr did say my cervix was inverted too but it was nothing to be treated for. and yes it has been almost a yr and i am still in denial...what makes matters worse is that my pain is still there and will not go away.... so i know what u are going through..maybe we can help each other...
miafresh replied to betsyo1967's response:
im done with the partner, not having one ever again.
the differences is being able to see the lesions, which would help if you do have a partner or for treating the outbreaks. much harder when apparently they have only occurred in the cervix.
i read the book, the good news about the bad news (or something like that) and to be honest, a bit confused on the stats, and even read some stats on here.
i have the copies of the results, and doc said it was a pcr test done and shows positive for hpv high risk and genital herpes, so according to that i shouldnt be confused about that.
not sure what the discharge is related to or what it was related to. was treated for the herpes, the everted cervix and all. so who knows at this point. i did take the valtrex for 10 days and the discharge was still there (thats when he treated me for the herpes).
miafresh replied to ashangel0419's response:
thanks for responding.
i am new to the site and havent really tapped into all the resources on here, or other chats/discussions, so i posted instead of searching the hundreds until i become more familiar with the site. sorry to hear about your diagnosis, im still in denial and really hoping its all a bad nightmare. what is the LEEP? my doctor didnt really focus on the hpv. glad to hear you are still in a relationship, thats very comforting. i was really hurt about the relationship thing, but i just know if i told him he would end it, who wants to be with someone who has hsv2 and hpv high risk? sounds crazy, but i wouldnt and have the combo. you still have pain? are you on daily suppressive therapy? im here if you need to chat, i am still doing research on hpv, i have the book by t. warren, but need to become more familiar with both hsv/hpv. so i dont know how much help i can give you in regards to that, but i am always willing to learn more and share the info.
ashangel0419 replied to miafresh's response:
had the LEEP done because the hpv caused me to have abnormal cells on my cervix and the biopsy that the dr took of the cells showed precancerous cells. so he scheduled a LEEP right away to go in and remove all of the abnormal cells and tissue from the cervix. which is weird cause the tissue he removed from the surgery came back fine with no abnormal cells. so the dr thinks the first biopsy showed precancerous cells cause i was having a herpes outbreak at the time and made the test look like precancerous cells.... girl it has been a very confusing few months as you can tell....but i just have to keep on telling myself just to be thankful for not having cancer...yes i do still have burning , itching, irritation, pressure down there and donot know how to stop it....what about you? do you have any symtoms? i am on a daily suppressive medicine...valtrex 1gram daily
miafresh replied to ashangel0419's response:
good to know all was great in the end. to my knowledge, i havent had a LEEP procedure, just the cyrosurgery. its good to know that information. its take a load off. i havent had any itching, burning or irritation (except after having sex - thats when i would feel a bit irritated or some burning when i went to the bathroom - but thought happened after sex anyway). i have that constant ugly discharge (i have to wear a panytliner all the time - so annoying). doc thought it was from the everted cervix, then from the herpes, but in the end, it hasnt gone away. im not on any medicine, since im not having sex and it didnt make a different with the discharge. i just dont know what to do or think anymore, im having a hard time dealing. what about the hpv? what do you do for that?
ashangel0419 replied to miafresh's response:
girl, i know it has been since aug and i am still having a very hard time with this which my b/f has the attitude that we have it and we cannot worry about things that we cannot change. but he does not have any symtoms what so ever...i guess it makes it harder when you have i pray, take medicine and go to anxiety is 50x's worse than it was before so i have to try and keep these conditions under control but its hard so you are not alone with this...i know the feeling i keep on thinking how did i catch 2 stds? its beyond me.... cause i have used condoms most of the time and would not sleep around.... as far as meds for hpv theres no medicine, all they do is watch the cell changes and make sure the cells donot turn into bad cells..
hope3210 replied to ashangel0419's response:
I am soo relieved to hear that you are still in a relationship. I was just diagnoised 3 weeks ago and my world has been like a whirlwind. I also went to the doc in May for heavy discharge that I had to wear pads throughout the day and my gyno told me it was BV (bacteria vaginosis). But then I noticed a few bumps around my genitals and he took a culture and blood and told me that he would let me know my results in 2 wks and when I went back he told me I had HSV2 and he even told me that I had HPV. But my thing is I dnt even think I want to be in a relationship anymore and I dnt want to be alone either but I wouldn't want anyone to take such a risk. I just really need some help on how to deal with this. I havent even told my family yet I dont know how to any suggestions?
ashangel0419 replied to hope3210's response:
well, i am still in a relationship, but we argue all the time, and i look at him differently since i have this. so our relationship is not the same cause sometimes i blame him and sometimes i blame myself too. but we are really not compatible, so i donot know how long it will last.. so i have been thinking what i would do if i was single, and i really donot know cause it will be hard to tell someone else what i have...but i was thinking i am just going to not have sex...but thats hard with a b/f... but i am scared that i will catch something i crazy?? hes really good to me and i donot think he cheats but with anxiety it makes think crazy far as family is concerned i told my sister and my aunt and that was it..i refuse to tell my mom and dad...its just too hard to tell them...i would tell a family member that understands and gives you support...cause you need alot of support right now..
miafresh replied to ashangel0419's response:
..i mean..he has a point..apparently once you have it..its there forever..and that is something i cant control..which is part of the problem i having..i am condom queen down..dont sleep around at all..and get hit with this..what..not one but least you got a man..truth me told..its nice knowing you have would be nice to have someone around, but now that i have this..i dont want to tell anyone..and it sucks being lonely..but better than dealing with all this..i just have the discharge and hopefully i dont have any other symptoms..or this discharge finally goes away..along with the diagnosis..i keep thinking its all a nightmare..
miafresh replied to hope3210's response:
just to share..sorry to hear about your diagnosis..i too havent told anyone..besides one friend..just 1..and i trust her..but i needed an outlet..and im one to hold water..but not when it comes to me..i havent told anyone else..not my family..not the new relationship guy that i found out while dating him..the only ones that know are my doc, his assistant, my friend and i..and whoever else they told..but it didnt come from my mouth..but i needed an outlet or else i was going to go crazy..i just share how im feeling and cry/laugh/scream/talk..and truth be told sometimes that helps just relieve the stress..tell someone you feel comfortable friend just lets me judging..and that helps..i blame myself and everyone else as it is..i myself..i am a reborn virgin..i dont want to tell anyone else..and i dont want to have sex knowing any of this..i wish i didnt all..but im newly diagnosed and they say that changes..but im pretty head done with relationships..but you have to find what works for you..they keep telling me this isnt so bad..but it feels like my whole world is upside down and over..check to see if they have support groups in your area..none in mine..but i would attend..i think it would help..
ashangel0419 replied to miafresh's response:
had a discharge too, but it has slowed down....not to bad now but i still do get it. yea i do feel like all this nightmare is a dream too... and i will wake up and its all gone...but we know that will not happen....i dont sleep around either, but i feel that i got punished for some reason and some of the people that do sleep around donot catch anything how is that?? i know its very hard but i guess we just have to accept it and move on, which is alot people have told me, but its different when that person does not have any of this...

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