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Untreated Jock Itch
An_209102 posted:
Hi, I got jock itch several years ago and I was too embarrassed to seek help, and it never fully went away. It still causes me discomfort and my skin has been discolored. I really want to get rid of this as it is constantly bothersome and it hurts my confidence when it comes to my groin area.

Is there a way to get rid of/mitigate the damage of untreated jock itch? Please can someone help me?
georgiagail responded:
There are effective OTC treatments for this fungal infection. I'd suggest using the creams instead of the sprays as the sprays can burn when first placed on the skin.

betsyo1967 responded:
actually if you've had this for years, you need to see a dermatologist for a full evaluation. This will take a long time to clear up if you've let it go this long :( You will probably need oral antifungals as well as topical anti-fungal creams to get rid of this for once and for all.
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spycloud responded:
Definitely find a dermatologist.

I had jock itch that lasted a couple of years. A general doctor had prescribed Nystatin (anti-fungal) which didn't cure it, but sort of kept it at bay. Then for some reason it escalated beyond what Nystatin could to, so my doctor escalated to Desoximetasone, which was supposed to kill it quick, but even that didn't take care of it completely (and incidentally Desoximetasone has a bunch of side effects, and it's addictive (yes, your skin gets addicted to it))

I didn't want to go to a dermatologist, because I figured rashes was some kind of mundane work they had to take care of (the important work being skin cancer.)

As it turns out, rashes for dermatologists are a slam dunk. They can examine and prescribe a solution in 10 minutes. Mine prescribed Sertaconazole Nitrate (Ertaczo Brand), which took care of the fungus, and an oral anti-histamine to kill the itching. The dermatologist's assistant confessed that tons of people wait until it's really really bad before seeking help. Real horror stories. Dermatologists are almost relieved by a crotch that is simply red and itchy (when they also get patients that have skin rotting off. No lie.)

If you have a sucky HMO, the thing to do is find one in the yellow pages, and then request your primary doc to write a referral to him, this will allow you to seek that dermatologist as a specialist and get it covered.

Btw: there are other reasons for the itch besides traditional fungus. Switching laundry detergent and using cetaphil soap can sometimes take care of natural irritation. You'll know when it's that, when the itching is all over without a rash.

Good luck.

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