Can STDS be passed through clothing/swimwear?
An_209222 posted:
I bought a swimsuit bottom at a thrift store. I machine washed the bottoms before wearing them. Now, Im being told by many people that I shouldn't have done that. Do I need to schedule an appointment and get tested now? Is it possible for this to be spread this way?
Thank you in advance
betsyo1967 responded:
there is no need for any testing. Tell your friends to get better educated!

you won't get std's from bathing suits.

you also washed i before wearing them which is always a good idea when you buy any clothing - brand spanking new or used!
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
Elle0317 responded:
STD stands for 'Sexually' Transmitted disease. Wearing a used bathing suit is not a 'sexual' activity.
CindyC34 replied to Elle0317's response:
That is an incorrect statement. Just because it is classified as an STD doesnt mean the only way you can get it is by having sex. i am a 34 year old female and I got divorced more than a year ago and, sadly as this sounds, I have not been sexually active in that time. I recently began experiencing symptoms, went to see my physician, and was diagnosed with chlamydia. I did not have it at my last annual check up.

I assume I got it by borrowing my single friend's swimsuit while on a recent vacation together. The symptoms appeared shortly after that trip. It is certainly a mistake I won't make again.
Elle0317 replied to CindyC34's response:
I'm not sure why you chose to dig up a 2 year old post just to give me your opinion, however, I will say that I prefer to use facts rather than assumtions when dealing with well, everything.