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    Genital Herpes VS. Genital Pimples.
    An_209747 posted:
    Hi, i've been searching everywhere for an answer. Between Herpes and pimples. A lot of results I keep getting are all similar. I have a bump on my right labia minora It doesn't itch, it hurts a bit like a pimple would. I don't have health insurance so I cannot go to a doctor. Does it look like a pimple or?
    Im really embarrassed and scared about this.
    elle0317 responded:
    It is best to be seen by a health care professional, planned parenthood can offer testing at a reduced price. Sorry, but no one on the internet can diagnose you. Herpes is usually a cluster of blisters, if that helps, google genital herpes pictures and you can see for yourself.
    nunya73 responded:
    Please tell me what this is. Did you ever go to doctor and find out? I have this exact bump and can't get in to doctor until next week and I am dying to know what is going on.
    LovebugXO23 replied to nunya73's response:
    If you dry shave your private areas you will get pimples which in your case looks like a pimple since there is only one. Don't worry i get them too, but if you're worried about it go see a doctor at the free health clinic.
    Bloo99 responded:
    don't worry honey. It's almost definitely a pimple.

    Also that picture is no where near your labia minora.
    Here's a picture to help you out:

    but it looks just like the pimples I get almost every single time I shave down there.
    Trust me I've been in your position, I have severe anxiety about stds and go to my doctor at least once every three months.
    Stargazerlily replied to Bloo99's response:
    I have the same issue. I did have a huge pimple that came to a white head. I did pop it. But still feels like there is something under the skin. Plus I have other little pimples around the pubic area. None around the genitals though. What can I do to get rid of them?
    An_250050 replied to Stargazerlily's response:
    I have found myself with the same problem... I have been cleaning the area with witch hazel, then treating the bumps with tea tree oil... occasionally applying an antibiotic ointment. Seems to help. When you popped the pimple did the bumps spread?
    abe648 replied to Stargazerlily's response:
    If as you say they are not in the genital area then once you pop them make sure to take some high figgure alcohol (99%) is the best and wipe the area as this will clean the skin in the area and then take a clean tissue and wipe the pimple as the alcohol will dry and clean it. That should help to keep them at bay. Clean thourhly when in the shower and perhaps get some good skin cleanser to wash the area around where you get the pimples. If you are getting them in this area all you can do is keep it as clean as possible to keep then from coming back. If they come back then just repeat the process.
    Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
    datingsitesforherpes responded:
    DatingSitesforHerpes?c o m focuses on providing a safe dating & support community for singles and friends living with HERPES / HPV to find love and support! It has services of HERPES blog, HERPES forum, Ask Counselor, Real inspirational Stories, Photos of HERPES and other general dating.
    Germanpirate14 responded:
    I had a similar problem in a similar place and went to the Dr. and they said it was a pimple that turned into a mini cyst. what happened was, I popped it and didnt get it all out and the pimple pus went inside instead of out side. which caused a mini cyst to form. Tho it was drained I still have a pocket / scar that from time to time re develops into a cyst. I have got to the point where I can take care of it myself without having to go to the dr. to get it drained. I take a brand NEW sewing needle And some rubbing alcohol and drain it myself a bit painful but you get use to it and save a but load in money .
    Teenager responded:
    Did you ever figure out what it is?
    molliemoo13 responded:
    "022sometimes when the hair grows back from shaving it cant break through the skin so this made sound very nice but if you pop it a hair it come out of it and because the hair has not been able to come out it forms the pimple like lump
    An_257640 replied to LovebugXO23's response:
    I get the same thing but mor frequently in the summer time. They can be very painful.mi work in a kitchen so by the time I get home some night my thirst smells like mildew
    An_258592 responded:
    Omg. Lol. I'm sorry to laugh at you, but these are more commonly known ingrown hairs. I get them all the time from shaving. The hair begins to grow back in. But it gets stuck under the skin. That is in NO way, a case of herpes or any contagion

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