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    Low sex drive, and having trouble getting erections
    TeeJay92 posted:
    Hello, I'm very worried about my testicles right now. Well, about a week and a half ago, I started to get this aching pain in my testicles that wouldnt go away. Now it feels like I cant feel them at all, like I've lost almost all sensation and feeling in them. So yesterday, I went to my urologist, who took a urine sample. He told me they found some blood in my urine which indicates a mild infection. So, he put me on antibiotics and motrin to help with the pain. I seem to have lost the ability to get sexually aroused like i use to, and its much harder for me to get an erection if i look at something that would normally get me going. I am able to get erections, I just have to stroke it for a little while and then it gets hard. But still, it doesnt feel very strong like it use to. I'm worried that this infection has caused permanent damage to my testicles, which is affecting my testerone levels, which is affecting my sex drive, which is affecting my ability to get erections. So, I'm just wondering, if the damage is permanent, is there any treatment I can undergo, like medications or low testosterone supplements I can take to increase my low testosterone and help me get my sex drive back and get erections without having to touch just to get one. When I do get an erection, I seem to climax just fine, but theres not much fluid in the ejaculation.
    georgiagail responded:
    This has nothing to do with an STD.

    However, before you worry yourself to death that you now have permanent damage to your testicles, why don't you finish your round of antibiotics to treat the bacteria infection and then see if things improve.

    You have absolutely no knowledge that this mild infection has now permanently affected your ability to produce testosterone or that these levels ARE low in the first place.

    TeeJay92 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Alright, thank you for your response. And, do you know if there I can take medication or anything that could help me get an erection?
    georgiagail replied to TeeJay92's response:
    What medication? Are you going to run right out and attempt to purchase Viagra simply because you're attempting to get erections while you have what sounds like a mild GU infection?

    Again, you haven't read..or absorbed..what I've written. How about laying off the masturbation until you've completed your round of antibiotics and the infection is cleared up. I'm betting by then Mr. Puffy will return to fine working order.

    TeeJay92 replied to georgiagail's response:
    But I cant feel my testicles, and its hard to masturbate when I cant get an erection. It's like, I dont get hard when I see something that would normally arouse me. Like, I dont get turned on. But I will stay on the antibotics and see what happens. And I seem to have a dry orgasm.
    omgitsarpg responded:
    my friend had the same problem but he didnt let it go until he couldnt feel them they misdiagnosed it then found out it was mono.
    TeeJay92 replied to omgitsarpg's response:
    Did he ever get feeling back? And if not, was there permanent damage to his testicles? And if so, is he on testosterone injections to help maintain low testosterone? Because I've heard that injections prescribed by a physician help men with low hormone levels and it helps them get sexually aroused and erections easier.
    Bentan1628 responded:
    Maybe you should stop the medication, A little blood in the urine may not be an infection at all. If all else fails, try a herbal supplement that is safe and highly regarded. Even Urologists recommend herbal supplments for boosting erection and libido.

    I have found a good source if you are interested :


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