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Is Sickle Cell Anemia contagious through sexual contact?
matt198327 posted:
I recently met a guy who I became friends with very easily. Our friendship blossomed and we both expressed romantic attraction to the other. After a long discussion about our age difference(he's 20 I'm 27) and the difference in power and resources, we decided to pursue a romantic relationship.

We go out about once a week, and have been now for about 2 months. Our relationship is still non sexual as neither of us have been tested for stds yet, and we don't feel a need to rush into anything. About 2 weeks ago he had to cancel a date at the bowling alley, he told me he had to go to the hospital to visit a friend.

Last week we had our date at the bowling alley. It was great we played 4 games and I think our average combined score for each game was about 120, we were lousy, but we had fun. Afterwards, it was warm enough outside for us to go to the creamery and get some ice cream. As we were eating I asked him about his friend in the hospital, and he looked out the window for a long moment and said "Did you know we can be our own best friend sometimes."

It took me a second and then I got it, he was the one in the hospital. So I asked what had happened.

He told me that he has had sickle cell anemia his whole life. He said he has an occasional painful flare up. That one night he'll go to bed feeling fine then wake up the next morning in pain not able to get out of bed. He takes medication every day, and he is considered permanently disabled.

I still love him, and still desire a romance with him. I empathize with him and do my best to put myself in his shoes. He says he has to live with someone to care for him when he has his flare ups, so he lives with his mom. Any way I apologize for the long story. I was just wondering can I get sickle cell anemia through sex with him, or is it just purely genetic.

Thank You

Smileyman responded:
Ummmm are you serious! Sickle Cell is a genetic trait, one that I have as well it cannot be passed on any way unless you two have children, and your children would only be carriers because you nee two copies of the Sickle Cell gene to make it possible for that person to develope Sickle Cell. I hope that helps you out

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