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    Pain in testicles and legs after chlamydia treatment
    An_210159 posted:
    Hello, this is my first ever question/post on here and i am really looking for any kind of help or advice. In Late January 2011 i had unprotected sex with a girl i met (One of the dumbest decisions of my life) I knew i was taking a risk but got caught up in the moment. Anyway, About 1 week after that i started feeling STD like symptoms and sure enough the doctor diagnosed me with Chlamydia. The symptoms i felt were burning/stinging after finishing urinating, and also very light pressure in my penis. My doctor gave me a 10 day prescription of Doxycycline and after the 9th day i wasn't really feeling any different so i went to the doctor again and he gave me 4 tablets of Zithromax to take. 2 days After i took my final dose of Doxycycline and took the Zithromax i was feeling wayy pain no burning no stinging...everything had gone back to normal i was really HAPPY...but suddenly 2 days after that i woke up and my testicles were really isn't always both of them at the same time it would go from one to the other....i am even feeling the pain on my legs depending which testicle is hurting at the time. I am still going through this but the thing is that now only my left testicle and left leg are the ones in right testicle and leg have suddenly stop hurting/feeling any kind of pain.

    I am going crazy and wish i could turn back time and never did anything with that girl..

    Anyone know what could be the case here? Anyone here have or are going through anything similar?
    RicLakrs responded:
    betsyo1967 replied to RicLakrs's response:
    The best thing to do is to be seen monday and examined again. You can get epididymis from chlamydia and you'll need a proper exam.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    RicLakrs replied to betsyo1967's response:
    When i was started feeling this the first thoughts that came to my mind were maybe this is just an after affect and it'll go away...but i never felt pain in my testicles when i was first diagnosed with chlamydia so thats the weird thing. These symptoms started happening 2 days after i was feeling NORMAL again. I went to the doctor last Tuesday he said that they might had over did it with the medication and i was like ooook.......then he said that he wanted me to have an ultra sound which i am Tuesday...but i'm still worried because he didn't give me any medication or anything...and i wanted to at least have some blood test done to see if there was any other infection but he didn't recommend it...all he had me do was take a urine sample which came back negative for any infection.

    Now the thing is that the first time i went there he said there was no infection in my urine but then my blood test came back and thats where they found chlamydia. So thats another thing that worries me.

    All he said was to stop thinking about it and take my mind off of it....that it could just be my nerves....i was like oook doctor (in my head)

    I've been doing some minor research on epididymis because thats what i am thinking i have now.. is it something serious? i mean will it also go away in time with antibiotics? or how is it treated?

    thanks for your help
    betsyo1967 replied to RicLakrs's response:
    getting the ultrasound tuesday is terrific - stop back and let us know the results.

    the blood tests for chlamydia aren't all that great - we stick mainly with urine and swab testing to diagnose it.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    RicLakrs replied to betsyo1967's response:
    Yeah i will. The only thing that bothers me is that the first time the doctor had me give him a urine sample they found no infection until my blood results came back...that was when i tested positive for chlamydia.

    so this time when i went back again my urine sample came back negative but i had no blood test done because they said they prefer to do it 6 weeks after i finished my medication. i think 6 weeks is wayy too long but hes a doctor so i am not going to argue with him.

    im trying not to think about it cus thats what he recommended for me to do..but i cant help it since i know its there and i feel it before i go to sleep and right when i wake up....

    im hoping is not anything serious because seriously for the past month and a half i have not lived a normal life and im getting sick and tired of it.
    Amit_01 replied to RicLakrs's response:
    Hello, I am going through the EXACT same thing as you, I have them same symptoms and also have a ultrasound booked in a months time. PLEASE can you tell me how yours went, as I am too worried. Or email me at

    Thank you
    Desesperado replied to RicLakrs's response:

    I have exactly the same symptons that you had at the beginning. I was diagnosed a Chlamidya empirically and given Doxicicline for a month. After a week, the tests confirmed that I had a trachomatis and mostly all of the symptons had gone but the testicle pain remained and even aggravated during the time I was taking the atibiotic. I stopped the medication and got another swab test. A week later, the it turned out positive again with trachomatis, so the doxicicline didn't do much.

    Now I'm taking ciprofloxacino and doxiciclina but the testicular pain is still there after 6 days. It happens especially at night and depending on which testicle hurts, my leg also hurts. Not sure what to do. Having a lot of antibiotic now but no results.

    Anyone out there can give me a clue? What happened to you mate? Did you get it healed? Thank you for any help you can give!!

    If you know something that could help please write to: Thanks!
    needhelp89 responded:
    how did your treatment went?
    needhelp89 replied to RicLakrs's response:
    how did your treatment and results went? I'm going thru the same thing
    Javi3r5ito responded:
    Ok im going through the same thing now. i have been for 6 months. i found that the chlamydia infection might have gone to the prostate and caused a bacterial prostatis infection. therefore, my post chlamydia exam came as a negative but a biomagnetism hollistic doctor told me that i still had it in my testicles and in my prostate.Both my left leg and testicle hurted. the best thing i suggest is garlic. 6 cloves of raw garlic a day (chewed) after eating and not before going to bed. also echinacea and golden seal(can find it in amazon or ebay).also asragalus. should probably take the garlic for 2 months without stopping. if you can also take probiotics to furhter fight any residual infections in the colon and to rebacterialize your intestines with good bacteria since the antibiotics kill all the bacteria and can cause a fungal growth of the Candida fungus. i found these websites to be extremely helpfull.
    email me if you have any doubts or need help or just dint quite understand what i typed. i dont sell anything and just want to help
    Javi3r5ito replied to Javi3r5ito's response:
    wait its this one

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