Can 1 catch STDs via toilet paper?
worryingfreak posted:
Hi everyone, This may sound dumb or ignorant to yall, but I am just another paranoid individual who needs advice. Two days ago while I was using a public bathroom, I was cleaning my private part (female) and noticed that there was a fuzz/fabric on the piece of toilet paper I was using. I didn't have black panties on, so the fuzz/fabric was not from me. I'd like to know what is the chance of getting STDs from toilet paper that might have been used. Thanks!
Georgiagail responded:
You believe this toilet paper was previously used? How?

worryingfreak responded:
Gail, I wasn't sure if the toilet paper had been used. But I can't figure out how a piece of fuzz/fabric could end up on the toilet paper.

Ever since I found out I'm pregnant, I've became more paranoid than ever. From your post, it seems like you've been in the healthcare for a long time, can you help me to ease my mind? Thank you!