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Red dots on the penis head- Herpes?
worried_bloke33 posted:
Hi, On Monday night I had unprotected oral sex with a Female ex co-worker. I don't think she had any stds and when i had asked she said she was clean. On wednesday morning I started noticing red spots on my penis head while taking a shower. These spots weren't raised I mean I could run a finger over my penis and wouldn't find any bumps. When I woke up on thursday the number spots have multiplied to 15 and the ones I noticed on Wednesday morning has shrunk in size. Before this lady I have been with couple girls but only had protected oral sex and no intercourse. I haven't had an intercourse for almost an year. These red dots are evenly spaced and are not in clusters. Only other thing which I have noticed is started I have pee more often. I still have the urge to pee even after urinating few mins agoand when I use the restroom pee kinda trickle down , I mean in drops and it slightly burns after that for few secs...(I have Had UTI before but that 4 yrs ago ..) Could this be herpes ? Does herpes symptoms shows up this quickly ? Could I have also contracted chalmdiya and/or gonorrhea ? or is it just my recurring UTI ? Additional info : I'm an uncircumcised male. I didn't see any spots or dots or pimple on the underside of my foreskin Any info will be appreciated. Thank you for input
07Stillconfused responded:
Worried_bloke,I would definitely seek medical attention as that is the only way you will receive an accurate diagnosis. It could very well be an std but you should go to see the doctor. Unprotected sex is not a healthy thing to do in many situations although many of us have done so,so dont beat urself up or freak out. Normally genital bumps should be viewed by a medical professional within 48hrs of getting it. Have you been to the doctor as of yet? If you have reasons to believe that it could be an std other that the fact that you had unprotected sex then you should go and to a swab and blood test. Also never let anyone tell you "im clean". There is no proof to that unless you see it on paper. I know sometimes in the heat of the moment you dont think about that but please try to because there is so much out there that we can be exposed to. I hope for the best for you.

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