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Herpes with another confirm herpes carrier
An_210462 posted:
My son decided not to listen to dad and went out having unprotected sex and within a month came down with confirmed herpes. After about 6 months he confronted the young lady and she gave it to him. Now I have learned he is now dating her and having unprotected sex with her again (I can't comprehend this stupidity). Now he sends me an e-mail stating his lymph nodes are hurting him and wants to see the doctor.
He is not educating himself on the disease and refuses to attend meeting with other that have the same problem. He is 20 years old, lives with his mother and never grew-up.
What is the ramifications of the initial carrier and him having unprotected all the time?

Depressed : (
iddybob responded:
sorry to hear that.
him having unprotected sex with the girl that gave it too him is no risk. if they both have it genitally theres no more of a risk beside pregnancy which i hope shes on birth control. the only thing that he should be careful for is when he or she has an outbreak, or lesions. and if they have sex or anytime of sexual activity and touch the lesion or where the outbreak is,too wash there hands asap so they dont touch another part of there body and spread the virus especially to thinner skin areas like your eye or mouth area.
you should encourage him to at least educate himself on herpes.
his lymph nodes will get swollen or hurt, its because of the virus.
if he has it genitally, he needs to take medication for the virus(im sure the doctor gave him some??) and if he has another sex partner who doesnt have the virus to wear condoms!
he really needs to learn about this because there is alot to it and he needs to no what he can and cannot do.
at least tell him to consider talking to other people with herpes, and learning more about this.
im always here if he wants to talk, and there are tons of other people on here that will respond to him

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