extended treatment for genital warts and biopsy for abnormal pap
An_210486 posted:
I recently went to the gyno and got diagnosed with genital warts. I am now using a cream called Zyclara for treatment. I am pretty sure I now have genital warts in the vaginal canal and anal warts that may actually be within the anus. I was just wondering if I should get back to the doctor to treat inner warts or if this cream is enough for my case of genital warts. I also had an abnormal pap smear and I have to get a biopsy to further investigate. I called to make an appointment and they can not get me in til the end of August. I was just wondering if this is something I should get looked at right away and go somewhere else for an appointment. They said it may be pre-cancerous cells and if this happen to be cervical cancer I feel like it should be looked at immediately. Thanks.
bethanyjoy6 responded:
i have genital warts too but that was a few years ago. anyway, i was on oxyfend zerowarts for a while until they were completely gone. i use protection all the time now...trying to be responsible for my actions.