Poison Ivy on boyfriends penis
Z1PPer posted:
My poor boyfriend has gotten poison ivy all over including his genital area. We have daily sex, and I was wondering if I could get poison ivy inside me and what should I do if anything? We are monogomous partners and he still wants to make love with me but i am concerned about getting really sick.
georgiagail responded:
No. What you are seeing are the blisters that the body responds to when one is exposed to this allergen (and is allergic to it).

The blisters do not transmit the rash to others. This is a VERY common misconception that many (even those in a health profession) have . The blisters are an immune response to the allergen; they are not the oils that transmit the allergen.

Having had poison ivy breakouts for, oh, say the past 40 years I cannot imagine finding intercourse enjoyable if the rash was on that part of the body.