Can Chlamydia lay dormant?
melli0613 posted:
I just got a phone call from my gyno today that I tested positive for Chlamydia. I don't have a history of having it and I was also clean through out my pregnancy. So this time last year I did not have it and now I do. I do know that my husband had it before we dated so just wandering if there is any way that it is now just surfacing in me? Or did he just cheat?
Georgiagail responded:
Chlamydia is often called "the silent STD" because for many, there are no symptoms. However, if testing was done previously...and one was infected for a long time...testing SHOULD have picked this up. As with anything, there may be lab errors.

Are you certain that your gynecologist tests for this particular STD during every yearly examination and during pregnancy?