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    Genital warps or a skin tag?
    An_239562 posted:
    I really need help! Just a general idea as to what this looks like. I've had this thing under my vagina. It's been there for about 2 or 3 weeks now, and it only hurts if I mess with it. It's the only one, and it's worrying me a lot because I had unprotected sex with someone since I've had it and I didn't really think much of it until now. I am 18 years old and I've had shots for HPV recently, but would you say this is a wart or a skin tag? I am pretty much freaking out right now. I don't think anyone gave it to me, but I can't be sure. Could it be from infection? How serious is it?
    lookingforaccuracy responded:
    Best to go get it looked at by a doctor. It could be a wart but you can't be sure until you get it diagnosed by a professional.
    jskacruz responded:
    Okay so that looks exactly like the things i have unlike you i have mulitple ones in that area.. i of course like you almost had a panic attack so i went to the gyn and the doctor was super nnice and understanding and told me that it was hpv there called papuils(my spelling may not be correct) so she burnt them off pretty much like frezze off for warts. well anyways they went away andwas so glad well than they came back 10 fold all a sudden and i didnt know why? come to find out i looked at my fiances penis and he had them all over his penis.. so we bot went and had them burnt off at the same time and did treatments and we have been free of them since.. so if you havent already went to the doc i would it a simple treatment but a big boost in self-esteem
    An_250502 responded:
    Did you ever figure out what that was? I have something very similar, through my own research I'm freaking out that it may be HPV. Any tips or insight would be helpful. Thanks!
    Theiacas responded:
    I was researching about the same genital problem and I found this post. I also have the same problem and haven't gotten a chance to see a doctor yet. Just like you, I am also worried since it multiplied now. 2wks ago I only had 1 and now there are 3 of them. I just want to know, if they are something serious. What happened to yours? Is it okay now? Thanks
    mariewilks replied to Theiacas's response:
    did you ever find out what they were? i have something very similar and starting with one now there is 3 few weeks later im also pregnant

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