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Single bump on penis
An_241208 posted:
I've had kinda a tiny tiny little cyst on the shaft of my penis looks just like a zit, similar to kinda the under the skin zits you might be on your shoulder except smaller ... its about 3mm by 3mm slightly elevated, I've had all the test for all stds and everything came back negative, that was done in mid Oct, this cycst like bumps has been there since July ... well the other night I decided to pop it ... and I got a needle and popped it (I know bad Idea) well anyway since I popped it 24hours ago, its swelled up like an under the skin zit would. Its a single bump, looks just like a zit and symptons have been exactly like they would if i had popped a zit on my shoulder or back, Could this be herpes? I have recieved BJ and BJ only, and I have gotten hand jobs ... thats all I have done this year. Again appeared in July I guess, I was tested for all stds in oct, everything was neg, I decided to pop it 24hours ago and it has swelled up like an under the skin zit would. Could this be herps and if not ... what is the fastest way to make it subside?
betsyo1967 responded:
herpes will not stick around unchanged for 3 months.

go and be seen and get this looked at.
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
quikeda responded:
had the same thing on my shaft when to the doctor he told me it was probly a small cut in the skin from rough masturbation and got infected he gave me some antibiotic cream and it went away in a week maybe you have the same go to a doctor
lookingforaccuracy responded:
You need to quit popping it with a needle! You're gonna do more harm than good that way. Leave it alone and go get a different doctor to look at it.
Spamlock replied to quikeda's response:
What antibiotic cream was it?

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