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White/Yellow Discharge from Penis
An_241403 posted:
I'm sort of embarrassed to explain this but I'm a little freaked out right now and I'll try to get out as many details as possible to see what I'm dealing with.

First off, I'm a 25 year old male. I had unprotected sex Monday morning with a girl I've known for a couple months for the first time. Wednesday morning I was getting ready for work and before I used the restroom there was a yellowish discharge from my penis. It was somewhat thin and odorless. I wiped it away and continued using the restroom, noticing that it also burned when I urinated. There are/were no physical defects anywhere on my penis and those are the only two problems I'm experiencing now.

It's been a couple days and I only see the yellowish discharge if I have not "cleaned" it for awhile (while working or sleeping). Instead, throughout the day, it's a thin, white discharge. It doesn't leak out, rather I usually have to squeeze it out to clean it away and I do this several times an hour. It's not a lot of discharge but I'm worried this may be Gonorrhea but I've also been told it may be a male yeast infection. Like I said those are the only two symptoms I'm experiencing so I'm not 100% sure if it may be Gonorrhea so I'd like to get some other opinions. Also if it helps, I am uncircumcised.
georgiagail responded:
You'd like an internet diagnosis? That would be impossible.

Your best bet would be to get some STD testing. Many health departments do this if you do not have a personal physician.

An_241403 replied to georgiagail's response:
I'm not looking for a diagnosis, I'm trying to determine if there are any specific symptoms I'd be looking for that would differ between the yeast infection and Gonorrhea.

I've already planned on the testing, but every place around me is closed on the weekends, hence my coming here.
georgiagail replied to An_241403's response:
Attached in a good article describing the symptoms of a male yeast infection. Doesn't sound like what you are experiencing:

Haimeee responded:
Hi.. If you have visited a Dr, please Let me know what was the problem. As i have the exact same symptoms.

Much appreciate it
An_241403 replied to Haimeee's response:
hello haimeee. i did manage to find a health clinic that tested and treated me. unfortunately it was in fact gonorrhea. i will say that the pain got pretty unbearable about a week in so getting it treated fast is optimal. if you dont have a doctor your best bet is to head to your closest health department. their hours are kind of strict and you may be there for an upwards of 3 hours but they charge very little. worth the wait. hope this helps.
freejess60 replied to An_241403's response:
My symptoms are an exact match to everything you said above, however, I was curious if you had a sore throat as well?
An_241403 replied to freejess60's response:
I didn't have a sore throat however I also did not perform oral. It's possible you could have it orally also but I'm not sure of the exact symptoms as I didn't have it. Luckily the treatment for genital gonorrhea also cures the oral gonorrhea.

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