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she wore my swimsuit in the hot tub and is trying to sleep with all my friends!!
princessjuliet345 posted:
I have recently made a new friend at my work. she came over and she barrowed my swim suit and didnt tell me she had herpies. we all sat in the hot tub for a long time.Ii washed it right when she left. I dont know if its safe to use cause i didnt ask if she had anyout break since I didnt know at the time. the next day she barrowed some of my shorts. I asked if the rumors were true, even though it was none of my bussiness cause shes trying to sleep with a bunch of my friends. but she doesnt want me to tell anyone. if I tell them I know they will tell her I said it! what do I do?! she is a really sweet person but thats not a good enough to have others get it because of her.
georgiagail responded:
What do you do? If you are so concerned about her borrowing your clothes, don't let her do this anymore.

At to the other factor; it's really none of your business to spread information regarding her health status to others...and there is a possiblity you might end up facing a lawsuit if you do so.

theirishone responded:
As a person with it myself if I had known the girl I got it from had it I would not have been with her. I'm not telling you to say anything to anyone that decision is all yours. You do however need to examine which friendships you value more, if it is the ones she is trying to sleep with then you need to tell her she needs to be honest about it. I myself will be upfront about it from here on out, as I do not want to keep giving the gift that keeps giving!!! If more people were honest about it instead of being embarrassed about it then alot less people out there would have it!!!!
betsyo1967 responded:
herpes is not transmitted through clothing. it also is easily killed with soap and water so just washing your bathing suit is fine. It also doesn't float through water so being in a hot tub together isn't an issue.

your friends are grown ups and responsible for their own sexual health. If they aren't asking partners prior to sex about std's and testing and practicing safer sex, their issue, not yours!

This friend shared with you private medical information, it's not your place to share it with others. indeed it is hard sometimes to be caught in the middle but perhaps send the link to the free herpes handbook by terri warren to your new friend so she can learn more about her herpes?

while herpes is on your mind, have you ever been tested to know your own status? Might be a good time to better educate yourself and your friends so you can all learn more together about this very common and misunderstood virus
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)

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