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Hsv results scared! Help!
An_242824 posted:
I am new to this community and scared and confused as heck and I have no where else to turn. I was just recently diagnosed with genital herpes 2 and I am in shock to say the least. Here is my diliema. Over the past 10 years I have had a blister that has popped up in between my bottom way far from my anus that starts as soon as you can open your cheeks. (sorry to be so detailed) It has always been on one side ALWAYS and no where else. I have been to the docotrs and they have all seen where it is. I have never had any sores in the vaginal or anal area at all. I was told by each of them that it was shingles and that it can come back to people who are very stressful (and that would be me). I have even mentioned to each of them that I have had the Shingles before. They didn't seem to worry and just said ok, let me see where it's at they look and "Oh yea, its shingles!" I take medicine everytime it has happened and it clears but ever since the first episode I have pain almost everyday and I know that is common with people who have had shingles. There isn't a day where I don't feel pain in that area. the pain can go from mild to severe. Recently I had a break out in July and went to see the doctor he asked if I had ever had a problem down south and I said "No, never!" he said ok good. I had another breakout in September and luckly I had a refill that he had given me just in case. Before this I hadn't had a breakout for 5 years. The years before that would be 3 years or once a year. It varied and only comes out when I am stressed. I recently went to the doctor to talk to her about my reccurrences because I have become very OCD as well. She asked me have they ever checked me for herpes? I said no. She said Why not? I was like I'm not the doctor I don't know! well here it is I am diagnosed with HSV 2. I am angry, scared and very confused. Why would doctors play like that with somebody's life, feelings after all these years!! I'm also confused about my results. I hope somebody can help me calm down and make sense of this. I am also going to see my OB in a few days. Sorry for this being so long.

HSV 1 IGM Antibodies <1:10 titer reference level < 1:10
HSV 2 IGM Antibodies <1:10 titer reference level <1:10

Hope somebody can help me make sense to all this.
betsyo1967 responded:
you also posted this on medhelp where you are already receiving help
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)

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