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NEW Dynamiclear clinical study results
J2343 posted:
There is a new (Feb 2012) paper in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology that concludes "The Dynamiclear formulation was well tolerated, and efficacy was demonstrated in a number of measured parameters, which are helpful in the symptomatic management of HSV-1 and HSV-2 lesions in adult patients. Remarkably, the effects seen from this product came from a single application."

My experience: I purchased Dynamiclear with extreme skepticism about 2 months ago. The only study I could find was one on the vendors website, conducted in India, that showed benefit but seemed a little questionable because they did not thoroughly document the methodology.

But I tried it and I have to admit it seems to help a lot. Basically, it converts lesions into scabs in a couple days that then dry out and fall off.

It is fairly expensive, but there is a money-back guarantee if it doesn't help.

I did see an old review that claimed Dynamiclear caused lesions to appear in new areas. After reading the book "The good news about the bad news" (Terri Warren, 2008) I really doubt this is an effect of Dynamiclear. Terri explains that lesions move around in complex ways because that is the way the infection works.

Bottom line: It is great to see some rigorous research on something that is intuitively appealing (copper sulfate kills many microorganisms) and could help a lot of people.

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ColeGirl556 responded:
Hello J
I too was interested in the research because even though my package with Dynamiclear was seized by US Customs I was going to be travelling abroad soon and was going to order some from my hotel in another country.
( I live in the USA and apparently it is illegal for Dynamiclear to import the product to US residents after the FDA warned about use of the product under its former name Choraphor)

I was disappointed to find out this is just a reprint of that same study from way back when in India and the medical journal is one my doctor had never heard of. I guess there are lots of medical journals out there, some more credibile than others.

I also came across this info about copper sulphate (The main ingredient in Dynamiclear which is only used in the USA as a pesticide now and never on humans in the USA)

The link is from Cornell University which I think can be trusted and it says Copper Sulphate is very hazerdous and even when used as a pesticide the US EPA make manufacturers stamp "DANGER" on containers (even though they are not meant for direct use on people like Dynamiclear)

I guess this study is from India because you can use more dangerous drugs on people there and there is less government protection like our FDA and EPA.

Besides my doctor says that since the study compared acyclovir gel it is probably not to be trusted. I guess all US doctors know that Acyclovir gel is not effective (but the pills are very effective) so comparing it to that seems a bit dishonest.

Copper Sulphate does kill microorganisms but according to many sources I saw online it can kill or harm/mame people easily.

I also saw many people on other message boards say Dynamiclear burned so badly that some even had to seek medical attention, and others tried once and could never use again.

J did you find any other information that might clear these up. Truth be told I am so desperate I might still try a small amount so I am gathering all possible info
J2343 replied to ColeGirl556's response:
Thanks for the additional info. It is not too encouraging. Some thoughts:

- Dynamiclear fullfills orders in the US from Global Herbal Supplies in Olean, NY

- I did not realize it is the same paper. The journal may be credible. At least it is indexed by Medline and Science Citation Index.

- Copper sulfate is toxic if not diluted or in large quantities, for sure. If you drink a bunch, it will kill you. But Dynamiclear is a drop or two of diluted copper sulfate on the skin. Basically you are chemically cauterizing a herpes lesion.

- I am not impressed that they did the study in India, apparently on the cheap, instead of under regulations.

- I am male so I have used Dynamiclear on normal skin. I would be hesitant to apply it to mucous membranes like vaginal or anal tissue.

- I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. I certainly recommend Valtrex if you are not on it. You also might try some of the home remedies like epson salt spray or cider vinegar. There is always the chance that something will work for your particular skin and immune system.

(I even wonder about Vicks Vapo Rub. It destroyed my toenail fungus after about 6 months of daily use. You never know.)

Hope this helps

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