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Having sex with hsv2
nikolefoxx posted:
I am a 20yr female and i have hsv2 and hvp that causes cervical cancer about 3months. I am currently taking acyclovir800mg daily,and llysine 1000mg, vitamin c 500mg, zinc 5mg when i am having an ob. Each time i had sex with my exbf (who doesnt have it so we agreed to stop our relationship when he was tested) i get another ob. The same area where I had my first ob opens each time. Its painful but mostly a severe itching. I plan to not have sex until I get married because i dont want anymore ob, but Im afraid I will never have sex again. I dont know who gave this to me and I feel horrible and depressed alot of the times bc I have no one i can trust with the truth anymore. I am young and I feel like my life is over, I want to be a nurse but I am afraid ppl are not gonna want to work with me or not hire me bc of my conditions. Is there any tips to having comfortable sex and not bring on an ob? Is it possible that I could be denied a profession in the medical field bc of my medical record, would u work with me? I plan to purchase the handbook but if anyone can help words of wisdom anything...thank you.
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betsyo1967 responded:
I assume you are taking your acyclovir 400mg 2x/day as suppressive therapy?

lysine really doesn't do much for herpes. 1000mg a day does nothing in studies to help speed healing. same with no evidence that taking extra vitamin c or zinc is helpful with herpes either. You can up your dose of acyclovir to 800mg 3x/day when you have an ob for 2 days to help speed healing of lesions.

your skin opening up from the initial ob isn't a herpes issue. sounds like the skin has thinned and isn't healing properly. you should see your gyn about this. you might need topical estrogen cream for a few months to strengthen the skin again even though you are young.

genital herpes absolutely, positively will not interfere with you wanting to pursue a career in nursing. first off, unless you are having sex with someone, it's not something you even have to mention to folks so your employer and your coworkers won't know you have herpes unless you tell them!! we never, ever have the sort of contact it takes to transmit the virus with our patients.
Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)

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