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herpes question
An_208382 posted:
I am a female. About a week ago i had PROTECTED sex with someone and after the fact he told me he had herpes. He has not had a break out in 3 years and even though i know its wrong he is married. His wife has been tested and does not have the virus. We have only had sex once, but have played the touchy feely game 2 prevous times. I am really worried. I have no symptoms of any kind, but I am wondering if I need to continue to be freaking out or just relax and not worry about it. I am planning to go for my yearly exam in a few weeks and plan to talk to my dr about it, but just need piece of mind right now.
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An_208383 responded:
Your risk is extremely low with a one-time protected encounter...especially since he is aware of his status, which, in theory, means that he is familiar with outbreaks and would not engage in sexual activity if he thought he was having one or felt one coming on. It is when people aren't aware of their own status that presents the biggest risk. In such case, they might think that little itch or irritation is nothing, when, in reality, it is herpes. Meanwhile, they may be engaging in sex and putting their partner(s) at risk. Of course, there is asymptomatic shedding, which means that transmission is possible without any outbreaks. So, there is always possible risk. Do you know if he takes valtrex? If so, that reduces the risk even further.

Your touchy, feely games do not put you at any risk.

Have you ever been tested for HSV? I don't know how old you are, but I believe that one out of three 30 year old females has genital HSV. 90% of those with HSV don't know it. Just something to think about. Whether you decide to continue this relationship or not, getting a type-specific IgG HSV blood test is a good idea.

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