laser treatment
fadida posted:
It is early to know if results will last or not but I asked a friend you does laser hair removal to treat my genital and anal areas. It was surprisingly bearable, not too painful. It has been 24 hours and I have no more itching and the bumps and blisters have diminished by more than 80 percent.

I have genital herpes HSV2 since mid-December 2009. I have not had complete healing of blisters and itching only lessening and increasing of symptoms, although not nearly as intense as when it first started in December. I did take antibiotics for another infection, at the same time and after I was prescribed fluconazole to prevent a yeast infection. I tried 3 days of antiviral medication with only moderate improvement of symptoms. I even used Canestan anti-fungal cream for days in case the itching and bumps were due to a yeast infection and not the herpes.

I feel hopeful today. Laser research should be considered in the treatment of herpes. I tried electrolysis on one almost healed blister but it did not seem to improve nor worsen it.
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