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MeatCurtain posted:
Welcome to Sexual Issues Member to Member. Post away friends.

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cwd67 responded:
When I opened this site it took me to SIDs exchange. Don't need no darn SIDs. Had to search for this exchange.
Bobby_Prim replied to cwd67's response:
I'm not liking this new format. If it ain't broke...
Poppy999 responded:
Has the old board been deleted?
I had just got used to it, and now I can't find my original posts!!!!
Any one know where they might be??????
LoveMyIssues responded:
To answer your question, poppy, yes. In their wisdom, WebMD has discarded the entire library of inquiries and answers we built over the last few years. I guess that speaks volumes about how they value grassroots conversation among people trying to help people.

I went to the facility called "Find your exchange" and searched by the old "Friends Talking" and "Member to member" boards and the equivalent exchange is BLANK (e.g., doesn't exist). Nice.
fcl replied to LoveMyIssues's response:
That's because they grouped several boards together (forgive me if I don't get the names right, it's just to give you an idea):

  • Family matters
  • Sexual issues
  • Couples Coping
  • Sex - friends talking
  • Birth control

The board you are on here was member-created. If you want to have a friends talking exchange, you only have to create it

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