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Passive Personality
robsr35 posted:
robsr35 posted: I have a passive personality and I am starting to read about it and what I have read so far is right on. I am very sad to say. I need some help to rewrite myself and learn to be more assertive. My life right now is rocky and I am looking to make changes in myself and in my life. Putting God first is first. Thanks for any info or insight you all can share. If this issue has already come up please send me the postings or a link to them.
abe648 responded:
You are right that putting God first is important. If you are attending a church talk to a counselor at that church. If your church is small start attending a church where there is counseling services offered. Then make an appt with a counselor and get the help you need. God Bless you. :-)
robsr35 replied to abe648's response:
Thanks, I do go to church. I started going back a couple of months ago. I will try to look into their counseling help.
gymrat44 replied to robsr35's response:
Another thing you might want to do is check with your doctor to see if you have a low testosterone level. Your level can be determined from a blood sample. Medication is available to increase your testosterone if it is found low. One of the effects can be to help your more assertive side (as opposed to aggressive side) come out. Other effects can be increased body hair, increased muscle growth if you work out as well as harder/better erections -- all good stuff. It wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor -- and you wouldn't know if you had a low testosterone level if you don't ask.

Church can be a good place as long as it is one which encourages you to be your better self rather than fit a particular mold. Counseling would be the center of shedding that passive part of yourself which you'd rather not have.
robsr35 replied to gymrat44's response:
Thanks Gymrat, I don't have a problem with my testosterone. I am 45 years old and thin. I am 6'2 at 155 pounds. I recently put on about six pounds. My doctor said I don't have a problem there. Thanks for the info and the advice.
GAP1954 responded:
Sounds to me like you are moving into the age bracket some call male menopause. looking at life from the other end of the ruler can be a real life changer and a lot of guys just let loose and try to avoid thinking about getting older. When you establish your spiritual support it is important to make it your own. Try to find a book by John Powell called "will the real me stand up?" actually just about anything by this guy might be real helpful to you.

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