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    Semen makes mouth numb?
    bobby517 posted:
    My wife says her mouth goes numb when I ejaculate in her mouth. She says her previous lovers had the same effect. With some googling, I've found several forums with women asking if this is normal. Responses are sometimes yes, but mostly no. There is some mention of the man's diet, but it seemed more like the female was the common factor. Either they've always gone numb, or never. Any knowledge or input out there?
    elle0317 responded:
    Could be the salty taste?
    professor_handjob responded:
    Are you sure its from the semen or is it a muscle issue? Jaw muscles tend to get numb after repetitive motions. How long is the oral session before ejaculation?
    hairyd replied to professor_handjob's response:
    Professor , your comments agree with my experience. Some addition information was needed . Do you receive instant grafication or a slow ejaculation oral loving. Is your penis large and /or is her mouth small? Is you ejaculation aimed into her throat or into her mouth? Does she stop as soon as you ejaculation therefore notice the numbness or does she continue then the numbness. My penis simply by putting pressure on a nerve by applying weight (or pressure) to the lips and mouth for extended periods of time has cause numbness to my partner Also without a proper supply of blood because of position we have her head is often the result of poor blood circulation therefore numbness. Sometimes it because of excessive stress or physical trauma because of the thrusting of my hips into her skull. During my oral sex session she is not able breath thru her mouth, the friction of my penis and the suction of her mouth therefore there is some numbness. NO this not my rough sex and nobody is harmed. She therefore does not notice the numbness. during sex. The quickest and best fix is french kissing to get circualtion back in her mouth. That's right let her know you will eat anything you ask her to eat.
    An_208253 replied to professor_handjob's response:
    It happens to me and it's not from the movement. It's a sort of novocain effect. It's not a muscular effect and it only lasts a few moments nor is my mouth very numb. It's just a passing effect.
    Ameretsu replied to hairyd's response:
    Actually, I experience numbing even if my mouth doesn't come in contact with a penis at all. (IE a handjob where most of the sperm ends up in my mouth) and I've heard other women who have the same situation. It doesn't seem to bother the women that experience numbing its just a confusing situation and one has to wonder if the numbing effect is due to medication the male is taking, his diet, or if infact they could have an acute allergy to the sperm.
    Anon_475 replied to Ameretsu's response:
    Me too- it's a surface numbing. It's only where the sperm touches that goes numb.

    BTW, an allergy to sperm (an allergy to the proteins in sperm in fact) manifests in the vagina and is different to this. It can cause severe problems getting pregnant and it BURNS!!!
    DDMama responded:
    My husband and I have done oral many many times and I've done it on other guys many times and have never gone numb until today. The juice that comes before the ejaculation touched my tongue and it made my tongue and throat go numb. It's been almost 8 hours and it still feels numb. All I can figure is that he had jalepeno peppers and cream cheese the last couple days. Maybe that had something to do with it?? I don't do very well with peppers by themself, maybe through him it causes some sort of allergic reaction or something. Thoughts???
    alwayslookingforgoodadvice replied to DDMama's response:
    This happens in my bed as well. I can say it's not an allergic reaction. I've been with my hubby for 13 years and a year ago he started 2 New prescriptions a week or two later my mouth through and lips went numb every time I came in contact with his seamen. It went away after a month but then started happening a few months later. Sometimes the numbness lasts till the next day and its only where the seamon touched. And I know how to perform without hurting my mouth so I know it's not from sucking wrong or to long. Hope this info helps someone
    An_254668 replied to floridamenshealthcenter's response:
    Glad you entered the discussion. I saw and paid a goodly amount with Dr. Hornsby, a colleague?, but since my gf is virtual and I'm alone, I can't hold my limp penis and use the applicator, i.e., another hand is necessary since the applicator needs a strong push on the activator which would require one hand to hold it and another to push hard. It worked in the office My gf does her part but I'm unable to get stiff. They sent me some pills which didn't produce any stiffness when I was aroused. Can you prescribe Cialis or something that works? I do use daily the Men's Andropause. I'm in good health, no diabetes or hi blood pressure, just missing the prostate. For the amount I paid Dr. Hornsby I would expect better follow-through. Please phone 301 219 6123 if you have a solution.
    gringofeliz replied to DDMama's response:
    ?Pobrecita! Better tell papa to not eat hot chiles. After all, your sucking him off is vital to his continued good health and he can eat aromatic spices that won't hurt your tongue and tonsils numb"026aster all they're vital components to your bj which keeps him invigorated. He wouldn't want you to get the nutritious liquids (precum and cum or pre-ejaculate and ejaculate) elsewhere, now would he? You sound like you have a great positive concupiscent approach and I hope he reciprocates such a wonderful erogenous, libidinous attitude."63A

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