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frequent erections
natthebratt posted:
My fiance recently told me that he has an erection aprox 50 times a day.... I am not sure if this is normal??? or not??? Can someone give me their opinion or experience regarding this??
abe648 responded:
How old is your B-F. It is common to have a lot of erections if you are very young like age 18 to 25. It does snound like a lot of erections but I guess each guy is different. If this is bothering him then please ask him to go and be seen by a provider to assess if this normal?

I am sure that you will get other replies from other guys.
An_208255 responded:
Sounds normal to me ...
natthebratt replied to abe648's response:
he's 40.... not concerned, more curious.... thanks! any responses help!!! I thought it was pretty normal.. But when I shared the info with a friend they said it was too much...
abe648 replied to natthebratt's response:
Id he is 40 and gets that many erections then tell him to be thankfl especial if he is able to get strong erections during sex. Ther are many men who cannot get or not maintain erections amd suffer from erectile dysfuntion. If you are being satisfied then :-) :-) :-)
natthebratt replied to abe648's response:
HairyD replied to natthebratt's response:
Averages at three times per hour. Normal for a sexual healthy male. A male thinks about sex every few minutes. His penis will raise with some of his thought.
GaMale770 responded:
I'd be glad to get one a day!
natthebratt replied to HairyD's response:
Thanks for your response...The feedback is great and some insight to the mind of a male is enlightening... Anything to help me understand my guy better.....THANKS!!

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