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Looking for an edge in the sack?
LantierTexan posted:
I'm a healthy 26 year old male looking to get an edge in the bedroom. After alot of research I realized I didn't need or want Viagra or the like, but my erections aren't the same as when I was 16. When I wake up in the morning I get morning wood every other day or not at all. And when I reach the point of return I don't get the same explosive feeling I used to. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas or experiences?
longduckdong46 responded:
To me that sounds a little on the young side to be having a decreased libido. Are you taking any new medications for other health conditions ? If indeed you are, it would be wise to check the side effects.
GAP1954 responded:
have your testosterone levels checked -and check blood pressure, diabetes and any recreational or prescription drugs.
LantierTexan replied to GAP1954's response:
I did and for testosterone I was at 418. Whats a good number? The range is huge so how do you know?
GAP1954 replied to LantierTexan's response:
my guess (non-medically) is that you are within normal range but on the lower side. I would expect you to be more like 700-800 at 26. (That is total - not free) Make an appointment with an Endocrinologist and see what might be going on. I discourage you from taking supplements until you have checked everything else out. Up your exercise, drop weight if you need to and eliminate recreational drugs or too much alcohol.
july1936 replied to LantierTexan's response:
at 75 Iwas 180 if I remember correctly I think 400 is the bottom number of range and considered low. I'm on the cream but have not re-checked nor do I notice a difference yet. Just started 3rd month.

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