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weird issue dealing with my member!
An_208257 posted:
So I noticed something unusual a few weeks ago, I appeared to have a pimple on my member which was nothing unusual, I took care of it and everything was fine, but upon investigating a little closer I noticed there appeared to almost be a very small hole running length wise. By hole I suppose I almost mean tube, but it was quite small, maybe an 1/8 inch long, the hole extremely tiny, and it was neither red nor sensitive in anyway. It almost appears to be a backwards pore or something.
I poked around with a very small needle, like a sewing needle perhaps a bad idea, but i found that it could be inserted for the length of the tube without causing any sensation of pain, until the end, which is just skin, and not unusually sensitive either. If I rub it, it feels very slightly raised, almost unnoticeably so. It is actually hard for me to locate without looking directly at it due to it being so small. It also begins just outside of the scar tissue from circumcision and ends just inside the beginning of the scar tissue, not sure if this is significant.
It is highly unlikely this is an STD given how recently I was tested and the situation since then, but I thought I would ask here before getting checked out(which im planning to do anyways).
Anyways, anyone have any idea what this could be? basically a flesh colored pocket is the best way I could describe it. Thanks
abe648 responded:
If this eventually heals over and closes I would not be overly concerned about this. If it does not heal over shortrly then go and be seen. That would be the best.
GAP1954 responded:
It's easy not to over examine and become worried about any changes on this all-important piece of our anatomy. Leave it alone and if after a few weeks it is still giving you anxiety go on in and have your Dr. check it out. Most likely it will be gone in a couple of weeks.

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