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Strange bumps in genital area?
UnCutKong posted:
So here's the run down, I have not been sexually active for 1 and a half to 2 years. This problem came up around a year ago. It started as 1 bump...which I thought nothing of until a second one appeared giving the impression of it spreading. I looked around and figured "it must be a genital wart"...didn't make much sense, even less so when I experimentally squeezed it and got a LARGE amount of pus out...shrinking the growth to less than half the size it had been. After this point I cleaned it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide, since it might be a type of infection.

The two original bumps are all but gone...just red slightly raised skin where they used to be. There are two more bumps near where they used to be. From more research I discovered it MIGHT be a carbuncle...however I find this doubtful as it says any towels used to wash the affected area would spread it and that hasn't happened.

I'm simply looking for advice as to what my issue most likely is. I know for certain its no STD unless its a new unknown type that can transfer by methods other than sex. Its not a wart because it discharged pus and a wart is solid... Carbuncle SEEMS unlikely because of the fact its not rapidly spreading. Cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and such seems to help.

So what am I possibly looking at?
GuardSquealer responded:
Sounds like a basic boil. You probably need to see a Doctor and get some antibotics to clear it up. It could stay around for quite some time otherwise. And if the original one is gone but others have popped up, then it has spread.
gojo64 responded:
i have the same prblem i am i virgin and got those tinny bumps but i have many more and mine do not pop i need help
FCL replied to gojo64's response:
Are you male or female?
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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