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Advice please
awareness1 posted:
My wife complains that my penis is not reachng her g there any medicine to take to increase the lenght of my penis that is approved by FDA? Thanks.
FCL responded:
If you're not reaching her g-spot then it is unlikely that it is a question of length (because it is not far from the vaginal opening) and more likely a question of position. Can you reach it with your fingers? Do you stimulate her in this manner?

As to your question, there is no medicine, FDA approved or not, that will increase the length of y our penis. Sorry.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
awareness1 replied to FCL's response:
Thank You,
What is the best solution to this? We are just 3 months in marriage? My past experience told me that I have a good size for her, but my present wife complains that my penis is not big/long enough for her. Thanks
Elle0317 replied to awareness1's response:
Then your present wife is not aware as to where her g-spot is, like FCL said it is not that far into the vagina. It's about 2-3 inches in depending on the woman. Maybe your wife is thinking that it is at the deepest part of her vagina, which it isn't, that is her cervix (which some women find pleasurable when stimulated). Google g-spot to learn to find it in your wife, then you can tell her that's where it is.
awareness1 replied to Elle0317's response:
Thank you,
What is the lenght of cervix? if " g-spot is about 2-3 inches in depending on the woman". Thanks
Elle0317 replied to awareness1's response:
You mean the length of her vagina. The cervix is at the end of her vagina, deep inside, can you feel that when you make love? It would stop you from going farther in. The length of the vagina depends on how aroused a woman is, the more aroused the longer in length it gets.
HairyD replied to awareness1's response:
1, Did you wife tell you in angry. You had a small dick. If her past lover had extra large dicks. She should not have told your penis was to small for her. You will mentally never think now you can please her. Her vaginal should be able to open and close to please the size of the penis. If she has used a extra extra large dildo. She may never be able to be tight to please a male. I would advise More discuss between you and the PRESENT wife.
longduckdong46 replied to HairyD's response:

Listen to HairyD, he does know how to please his woman or maybe that should be plural ?
SWIVEL those hips and hit the Y, as she will all but forget about extra large D's.

Best of luck to you and yours !
awareness1 replied to longduckdong46's response:
What is the size of healthy erected penis?
HairyD replied to awareness1's response:
The question of every teenager boy. If your were able to view the differants in males body as you body grew. You would know you have a healthy erect penis. Males in height are from 5 feet to 6 feet. The males erect normal penis is 3 inches to 9 inches. The function of the penis is to produce children. Your size is based on your fathers and grandfathers penis size. You may want to talk with your father for questions. My son liked to put their penis in a bathroom tissue roll and later a paper towel roll. To compare how their penis was growing. But they were able to compare with friends and family to see their penis was normal.
awareness1 replied to HairyD's response:
What is the side effect of masturbation with hand for man?
HairyD replied to awareness1's response:
Experts warn that men who frequently stimulate themselves in ways that don't simulate sex with a partner -- for example, stroking very rapidly or with great pressure or friction -- can develop retarded ejaculation. That's a type of sexual dysfunction in which it is difficult or even impossible to climax during partnered sex

Frequent or overly vigorous masturbation can irritate the skin of the penis, as the average guy knows all too well. Less well known is that habitually masturbating face down -- for example, by thrusting against a sheet, pillow, or even a carpeted floor -- can injure the urethra in such a way that urine exits the penis not in a stream but in a hard-to-control spray. Barbara Bartlik, MD, a psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York City, says she's seen facedown masturbators with urethral trauma so severe that they are no longer able to use a urinal and must urinate while seated

Of course, some men become so obsessed with solo sex that they begin to lose interest in having sex with their partner. The resulting hurt feelings and alienation a partner feels can make it hard to sustain the relationship.

Copied from the site I requested you read on WEBMD
tony2tall replied to HairyD's response:
I found out for myself self stimulation enhances retarded ejacualtion and lost interest with wife.

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