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    some reaction doing sex
    An_208267 posted:
    I don't know if i am expecting something that i see on the adult film
    but my wife makes no sounds of enjoyment like the ladies do when i watch those flicks.. i have to ask how does it feel she always says it feels good . I, on the other hand make sounds of enjoyment when i am comming because it feels good.. should i expecct the same from my lady or are my expecation unrealistic.. it sounds good to hear those moans, screams, it would make me feel like i'm hitting the right spot or something.. otherwise the sex is good. even when i give her oral nothing, she says it's good no reaction ...nothing.. fingers
    nothing what should i do Help please!! any advise would be appreciated.

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    hairyd responded:
    I do not know how must sexual experience you have had but each woman is different. Do not compare yours to the movie.
    If she was reading a script this would not excite you. Some woman want or need to relax and think to be able to have a organsm. The way some women will talk why dancing and others enjoy the embace and the music.

    I and most of my partner enjoyed verbal and physical sex. So must so that security has knock on our hotel door or the front desk has called.

    You have three choice appreciate you wife, do not give her good sex so she will tell you what she wants, or see if you can cup and move your tongue faster; use fingers to manipulation of her vaginal with more loving, affection and force, and thrust your penis and moving your hips, Asking her direct question with the request to use the same words back to you. This may take sometime some Ladies prefer not to use the same terms has the male.
    An_208268 replied to hairyd's response:
    It would be kind of nice if you could write in English, HairyD.
    hairyd replied to An_208268's response:
    475 I do apology if you are not able to understand my comments. I do select to use my normal words and terms.
    My threads are for members to members about sex.
    You know would not understand the words (unwritten) I use during passionate / affection/ loving sex between closed doors.
    hairyd replied to An_208268's response:
    475 ... to many wiskey sours , I should have said I know you would not understand the words....... My brain works faster than my fingers. I do not proof read. But I had received a message my comment did not post
    GuardSquealer replied to hairyd's response:
    Too many whiskey sours at 1 in the afternoon?
    longduckdong46 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
    I think HairyD really enjoys those " wiskey sours " at all hours.
    hairyd replied to longduckdong46's response:
    GS, No, but the results from 1 or 2 AM partying

    LongDong, A strong drink does relax me, but not at all hours.
    I love to much; my sausage link spreading white cream on my wife's hot bun. The drinks control my major Organ the Brain. Therefore can stop the thang from rasing. lol
    hairyd replied to hairyd's response:
    anon, after discussing this with the wife. Her with her friends. They tell me this is another responibity of the guys. If the dude is doing it right the female will not be able to be quite. I have always had screamers. Therefore I would like for other guy's comments.
    longduckdong46 replied to hairyd's response:
    Yes, my lady always puts out an exclimation point when the Big O arrives.
    So I guess I'm doing something right.

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