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Paranoid anout HIV.
An_208273 posted:
I had a one night encounter with a woman I hardly knew about 4 months ago. Don't know if she had STDs or HIV (she claims to be sexually active; whereas I'm not), but I didn't have vaginal sex with her whatsoever. She gave me a hand job. And I did, however, fingered her vagina with my fingers (no cuts), but it was barely because I was so uncomfortable doing it.

And I made out with her. And I fell asleep with her, no shirt on. Sweat maybe? This was a desperation move as I recently got divorced and, well, I don't do stuff like that. Anyway... I recently broke my toe 2-3 months ago and it's made me less physically strong and it's taking a long time to heal (no more pain though; still purple red) and I'm also fighting a cold.... which is only making me VERY paranoid about that one night. But I always get colds. I'm constantly fighting thoughts about HIV and how my life is ruined... am I just being overly paranoid??
FCL responded:
You are most definitely being overly paranoid. You don't get HIV from sweat ... You are not at risk from what you described.

For goodness sake, go and get tested because I doubt that anything less will put your mind at rest. Once you see the big fat negative you'll know that you're OK.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
longduckdong46 replied to FCL's response:
very well put FCL.
HairyD responded:
Anon , the info you give You were practicing safe sex. But follow FLC comments and be tested for your peace of mind.

Please talk with your doctor or requested he refer you for couseling. The ending of your marriage and lost of your sex partner needs to be discussed and resolved.

You falling a sleep with her maybe in the nude after sex. Shows You were comfortible and sexual satified. Your a healthy male, ENJOY sex. But enjoying sex with another adult should not never be thought of as a desperation move. It is normal to feel uncomfortable having your fingers in another woman vagina after mariage. After being with only one person. Each woman body will response differant and therefore feel differant. You are divorce but it will require time not to considering yourself cheating on your ex wife.

I would not advise you to have sex with every woman. As single male you may not want to have intercourse until your remarried. But everyone does not have hiv and std, but it will be wise to enjoy but practice safe sex.

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