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Blood in Semen
goldchevy posted:
I posted this before but can't find so here goes again.
I have a problem with blood in semen on and off for the past 7 years. TThis time it's been a year without letting up. I went to my internest and urologist. All the possible teast have been don, i.e. Ct scan, Cystoscopy and results are negative. Note; when I say blood in the semen I mean it's ALL blood. It makes my wife nervous and hampers my sex life.
I would welcome any suggestions.
HairyD responded:
goldchevy You could stick you penis in your pc. One of the doctor may be able to check your dick. After seven years if you staying having sex. Your penis should not fall off, but it could stop becoming hard=======>
OPTIONS ...A kidney or bladder stones, or masturbating so vigorously with or without lubricant. You need to have scope and urine test. After discussing this with a penis doctor. Why do you not want to drop your pants to help your sex life?

Keep is posted other men may have the same medical issue. But there is not, a home treatment.
longduckdong46 responded:

goldchevy, and they still haven't determined a cause ?

Ejaculate in a cup and take the sample into the Dr to be analyzed. That is my suggestion cause I do not know what else to tell you ?

And my bud HairyD suggests you stick your dick in the pc for examination. Ok, but ole HairyD stuck his wanger out at the Dr. giving his wife a breast exam. Hey Hairy how's that whiskey sour tasting ?
HairyD replied to longduckdong46's response:
goldchew, if shooting off into to a cup will get you to the doctor. Super, but the doctor prefer fresh samples.

A urologist need your penis and your body in his hands. How many doctors have you visted.

I am a true man; I can bleed anywhere on my body. But if blood is flowing from my weenie. I love my Penis and SEX to much not to local a doctor.

Ask this question on the Urologist site for a medical comment which can not be given here. We are here to support you. You and I know the test, Ct scan, and Cystoscopy are no painful.
longduckdong46 replied to HairyD's response:
Good advice HairyD !

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