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can you get a girl pregnant by fingering her? please help.
algrra posted:
Hello, I`m seventeen years old and I am really nervouse as to whether or not my girlfriend could be pregnant. I have never had sex with her or anyone for that matter and I keep my penis away from her vagina during any romantic period, but well heres the problem. The other day I masturbated and didnt get any on my hand but my hand made contact with the moist outside of my underwear. A few hours later my girlfriend picked me up and we went to the lake and swam around for a bit and had a somewhat active time. But later on things got more intimate in the water and I ended up fingering her. My finger went pretty deep but I really dont know the difference since I dont know how deep I can go or should go. People say that seamen cant live outside the body for that long but then others say that any semen in contact with a vagina can lead to pregnancy. She is not due for her period yet, but I`m am so nervouse that I cant even describe the anxiety. She says its not possible but I am not a risk taker. Please someone help me and inform me on the truth behind this situation. thanks.
Anon_130552 responded:
algrra, relaxed and continue safe sex but also enjoying your body. Continue to discovery your girlfriends body and pleasing you and her. Yes foreplay without intercourse could cause a pregnant girlfriend. But not after hours of the sperm being out of the body. Also the lake water would be the same as a bath. Next time wash your hands after masturbating.
Continue using your finger going in as deep has your can; she will tell you if your hurting her. Some women perfer a few fingers and other will enjoy the fist.
Elle0317 responded:
She's right it's not possible. Semen is very delicate and does not survive that length of time especially if you went swimming.

FYI the most sensitive section of a vagina is the first 1/3 after the entrance, in that section you will find the g-spot, you don't need to go deep, deep unless she asks you to.
Dick912 responded:
Maybe you should learn a little more ( a lot more) about sex before you do much more. There is plenty of info on-line.

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