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Hi Abacadraba:)
Jacie37 posted:
Hi, I read your story and found it disheartening to read how everyone could turn you down, truly cruel. But some small towns are like that far from all of them, they get clicky and stick to their own.
I know the pain of loneliness as i live it daily...i am 37 this year and my so called friends took off in a flash 5 years ago when they found out i had epilepsy. I was also diagnoised with Bertolottis Syndrome 6 years ago and my doctor then told me i'd be wheelchair bound as the disease sometimes comes with falling and boy i sure do that lol;)
I have zero friends but i am married to my husband whom is bipolar but a type that you would even know it, but he isn't into sex.
So I had my 1st child at 15 (too young) and my daughter at 26 when he drank too much and my 3rd at a fertility clinic by a donor.
I lost my sweet jessica before she was 3 years old waiting for a heart, her little body couldn't hold out. I get so mad sometimes and think i was born with a black cloud over my head but then i realize no it isn't my fault as it isn't yours. You adopt that dog from the shelter and you see how many friends you make (lots) Keep joining up to places that are interesting to you. Go to coffee shops and just say hi to people and start up a small conversation. It is a good way to make friends.
You know what i personally hate when people stare at me in my classy red wheelchair lol. I never know if it is me or my wheels they are staring at:) Because of my 14 year old she has gotten me to not hang my head if people stare but look right at them and say hi:)
The teenagers were the worst for staring but i get them everytime when i say hi they always say hi back,,
If you could live my life with the glass half full you will see things come together..
And i would be honored to be a good friend of yours, i never complain about my problems either but i am a good listener as this dr. phil says a soft place to fall let me know, big smiles Jacie
Junior_Samples responded:
Yeah, I remember reading about Abacadabra as well, and there were many posters trying to encourage him and help him through a difficult time.
He seemed to be such a hard worker and a giving man, but like you, he felt like a black cloud was hanging over him.

I would be curious to know how he is doing ?

Hang in there Jacie, you appear to have a great head on your shoulders.
GuardSquealer responded:
Aba doesn't come here any more. I still email him on occasion. I will mention the board to him and see if he is interested in coming back.

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