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me & my bf had sex !!!!!!!
Rinaldi0002222 posted:
yes me and my bf had sex and i havent had sex in 3 months and when he first put it in it hurt for a little second then stoped and didnt hurt anymore after that. well later on that night i went to the bathroom n i see a little blood like two spots. and this is not my first time having sex ! well it started to hurt down there but not as bad later on today i went home and it hurts a little more then what its did and it dont burn just hurts.... please let me know if u know what might be wrong thanks
Elle0317 responded:
Were you wet enough before penetration? Was he more rough then usual? We have know idea what could be wrong unless you give us more info.
An_240741 responded:
similar has happened to me before, and after I had only had sex a week or so beforehand.
Sometimes us women may not be wet enough down below. Sometimes a man can be a little rough, or bits go in different directions. Sometimes being wrapped up in the moment can mean we dont really feel it at the time.
If it hurts regularly after sex and happens often then best bet is to see a health nurse or Dr. But otherwise it may happen now and then and may mean trying some extra lubrication so as to prevent any 'damage'

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