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talc burn
Furryboy posted:
If I shake some talcum powder into my boxers, I get an intense burning sensation. Why?
FCL responded:
Apparently you're allergic to it. It's not uncommon as allergies go.
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Furryboy replied to FCL's response:
Thanks for the reply. I thought it would not be the powder since the result is the same with different brands, unperfumed etc etc.

But if I'm allergic to talc itself, my back should react the same right? Let me try that...
abe648 replied to Furryboy's response:
IF you are trying to keep things dry down yonder then just use cornstarch as most likely the powders you are using may have cornstarch in them and then add perfume to make then smell nice and that is most likely what is causing your discomfort.

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