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Sexual Satisfaction
Plokm123 posted:
Hey guys, i have a question which probably doesnt have a real answer. Me and my girl friend are deciding not to have vaginal sex until we are married. When ever i perform oral on her, she never has an orgasm. She claims that her clit is not very sensative towards it. When i finger her, she said it feels good, but she also never orgasms from that. The only time she has an orgasm is when she grinds on me with our clothes on. Occasionally that will make her have an orgasm. That being said, im worried about not being able to please her to the point of an orgasm when we are married, if we do get married. Is there a possibility that something could be wrong with her sexually perhaps? Or when we have sex, will there be a better chance of her having a orgasm? thanks for your time.
Elle0317 responded:
When you say she can orgasm from grinding, that tells me her citoris has sensation. The grinding is stimulating her clit, maybe your tongue isn't giving her the pressure it needs or maybe you need to work on technique. Is she able to bring herself to orgasm through masturbation? If so, can she show you how she does it and give you pointers of where to touch and how to touch.

Most women do no orgasm from intercourse alone (some studies say as high as 70%), so her chances of having orgasm during sex is low without learning how to stimulate her clit at the same time.
An_240741 responded:
Speaking from a girls perspective, grinding and moving of the legs does help in reaching orgasm. Maybe you can suggest to your girlfriend that she move her legs around a bit when you are touching her. Try really soft to begin with. Women are quite sensitive down below. keep fondling and dont worry if she doesnt orgasm. Sometimes the expectation to orgasm also worries a girl and this will cause her not to orgasm (how can she when shes worried constantly!)

All women like different things. SOme women never orgasm during sex but do during foreplay, others are opposite. Some never orgasm. But if shes enjoying herself and you enjoy pleasing her then it should be fine once you get to having sex in your relationship

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