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trouble ejaculating with my partner.
An_240890 posted:
I recently met an amazing woman about 10 years younger than me . I am 61 in very good health. She is beautiful smart and very sexual/sensual. We started sleeping together about a month ago.
The sex is fantastic. The problem is I cannot reach orgasm. I have no trouble getting and maintaining an erection. just looking at this woman from across the room gets me aroused. But i cannot come. No matter what we try.
I have been taking lexapro for situational depression for about 2 and a half years. My doctor recently reduced my dose to to 10mg from20mg daily. I told him about the problem and he suggested i stop taking the drug about 2 days before we have sex and then resume taking it.he also suggested abstinence from masturbation for a few days prior.
I tried that even going for 3 or 4 days without taking the drug or masturbating but to no avial.
She is a very understanding and compassionate woman and very supportive realizing there must be some medical issue going on here.
I have tried supplements such as yohimbe and goat weed exceeding the recommended dose. I think it helps with the erection but still no orgasm.
I can reach orgasm when I stimulate myself but it takes a major effort.Additionally the amount of semen produced is small.
I need some good advice and a solution in a hurry otherwise i think Ill be back to 20mg very soon.
gymrat44 responded:
This idea may not be much help but I would suggest your focusing on pleasure, closeness, affection and enjoyment and if possible just forget about ejaculating. I'm a few years older than you and find that it will take either a series of sessions or one very long one to get to the point where I ejaculate. And I find that when I do ejaculate,yes, it's a great feeling and all that, but I can't really say that it's the best part of the shared experience or even the highest point of my enjoyment.

Maybe if you focus on enjoying what you can you'll find that the ejaculating problem may become less of an issue. You'd need to talk with your professional caregiver to get validation for this idea but it might be something to try.

Good luck!

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